Saturday, October 20, 2007

Race weekend and i'm pooped!!!

Things have been crazy around here but that's nothing new. I had to take Carter to the Doctor again because he had another infected lymph node in his neck. The second one in less than a month. She is treating him with an antibiotic and 2 allergy medications. She thinks he has allergies.Carter also had a sore in the back of his heel that was filled with puss so he had to get it drained. They did a culture on it and it came back as strep. What?? it's already healed though! Parker has been fighting a cold for over a week so it has been getting worse so they had me bring him in on friday. Poor guy has a double ear infection, and he is wheezing really bad. Whenever he gets a cold he gets really wheezy. So he is on an antibiotic, albuterol and polmacort. He will be on polmacort all through winter. Fun Fun!!!! Jace had a race today! I wish i could of recorded it. The best one ever!!!! We we're at the track friday night for practice. Parker was not feeling good but he loves going out there which i know made him feel better. We got home late then had to wake up at 6:30am to get there in time for one practice. Two air vacuations and an ambulance before the race even started. not good. but luckily that was all of the accidents of the day.. Jace won his first first place moto in the 65 class. He battled this boy the whole time(who is a sixth grader and is twelve years old) Jace beat him by about ten feet. Too close. It was so fun to see him to excited and proud! 2nd moto they were close again. Jace got second place by a tire. It was sooooo close. But he did the best he has ever done on his 65. Here is a picture of Jace passing number 89 to win the first moto. OH YEAH!!!! now the story of our rv. parents don't leave your kids in a running car. Lessoned learned. Our generator keeps going off while we are in the rv so we turned it completely on so we could turn on the ac. well parker goes up to sit on the drivers seat and pops it out of gear. luckily chandler hurried and stepped on the break. bearly missing jace's dirt bike(which was parked right in front of the rv) but later when we were about to leave three of the four kids were in the rv. Hayley was in charge. well the generator was on and it turned off so hayley decide to turn it on and she bumped the car into drive by accident and it crashed into this metal cage( it protects some electrical stuff) and smashed the front end. Luckily no one got hurt but we have had a hard time selling it and we had someone very interested that wanted to meet us after the race to test drive it.. anyways, she is still intested. she just wants us to get a quote on how much it is going to be to fix. i was surprised by that but she really likes the inside. loooooongest day ever and ever. i have more blogging to catch up on with stuff i did over the break. i'm going to go drink a coke and chill on the couch.