Friday, December 14, 2007

Ten days til Christmas!

I usually send out Christmas cards on the 1st but I have been dragging my feet on getting them finished. No Christmas letter this year. Just a card and a picture. The card has glitter on the front and it reads Let it snow! I did have to put my own personal touch and embellish the i with a crystal. looks good. I took a few pics of the kids at the Christmas tree lot a few weeks ago and not one turned out the way i would of liked. So tonight i went through all of my pics and found one of all of the kids on our bed watching t.v. They were just laying there and being good. I made it black and white and i really like it. They look like a bunch of rug rats but it's cute. I will mail them out tomorrow night. Jace has a race tomorrow. and the track is finally open. we were only open one day out of two weeks because of all the rain. we need the rain but i'm sooo glad it's drying up and the blue skies are back. I still have shopping to do which i will do on monday. Complaint of the week( i feel like i complain tooo much) Jace has to do a project and it's due on tuesday. we haven't started it yet. why do they have 2nd graders do oral reports with visual aides? I still need to do the food list sign up for Carter's class for his holiday party. blah blah blah. i did sell four pairs on flip flops at the boutique and got a nice check yesterday. I tried earlier this year to start an online store to sell my flip flops but it was way to difficult for me. so i bagged the idea. well i decided yesterday that i really need to get an online store. i have so many people ask me if a sell them online. so i really think this is the only way i'm going to get my business really going. i will sell my jewelry on it too with some blingy shirts too. Slogan is: Casey's Creations Swarovski Embellished Flip Flops, Jewelry & more. I tried starting a store up again today and failed again so i'm just going to have to pay someone to do it for me.. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions for me i'll gladly listen. Off to finish my cards so all i have to do is slip in the pics.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Maricopa Agriculture Center

I was finally able to go on a field trip this year. We went to the Maricopa Agriculture Center where we learned a lot about corn and water conservation. Jace was able to grind corn with a stone. I think this was his favorite part of the day. We had lunch together too. I loved sharing this alone time with him. The bus drive was way toooo long. It was almost and hour there and an hour back. I was so tired due to the fact that i only got four hours of sleep the night before. I thought i was going to jump out of the bus on the way home. I was so tired and there were ten boys in the back of the bus with me. They were good, just very very loud. One group played rock paper scissors over and over and over again and the other group made up a song. Ola. They just saying Ola over and over again with different rhythms. But it was worth it. We had a lot of fun together and i know jace loved the one on one attention he got from me.


My sweet Parker. I love this picture of Parker and I. He is such a sweetie. He plays with his trains all day long. He lines them up in a row and then he drives them to another part on the rug and does it all over again. He is so ready to be potty trained. I just need to find a day where i don't have any appointments or obligations. This is a pic of him with his first poop in the potty. He is so proud of himself and he knows he did a good job. He has gone pee once and poop once. i just need to do it. He is only 27 months but his doctor told me to do it now a couple of weeks ago. Sorry if this post grosses you out. I hate that he is growing up so fast. He is talking a lot too. I think we need to stop calling him Parker Baby Boo.

Christmas Party

Our ward Christmas party was chaos. We got there thirty minutes late because my brother dropped in from out of town. It was good seeing him and i wish we could of visited longer but we both had places to get to. Anyways. I guess they didn't plan for so many of us to show up. When we arrived they were putting up more tables and chairs. I can't believe we were all able to fit. There wasn't enough food. We had servers so we got the littlest portion of food to make it go further. nag nag nag. But when the children came out and the story of the birth or our savior was read it calmed everyone down. Jace was asked to be Joseph. He did a great job. Hayley and Carter were shepards. It turned out to be a very good night.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Hayley, Lacy and I went to the So You THink You Can Dance concert. They are all amazing!!! I loved all of the dances. Last year there were very specific dances that i had to see. THis year I couldn't wait to see all of them. Their bodies are amazing!! They are all so talented. We had excellent seats. All of the breakers did a dance together which was really cool. I love Dance!!!

Jace's special day!

Jace got baptized on Saturday, November 17th. He looked so beautiful in white. He was very excited. We bought him a suit for the special day. He also got green scriptures with his name on them. It was a very special day. My dad and step mom came from Utah. We had most of Chandlers family there. Afterwards we had a BBQ. Jace has been kinda mean lately so he asked if he got a bad spirit when Chandler confirmed him. Oh my.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Pumpkin Patch

Parker is such a cutie!! He had so much fun at the pumpkin patch. he kept walking around trying to lift them up. He also found a broken stem on the ground. He picked it up and walked around to different pumpkins trying to stick it back on. So funny. On our front porch we had Halloween lights up and he would walk up to them and tried to blow them out like fire.

Jace's 8th Birthday!!

I can't believe our little Jace is eight years old now. He is such a good kid. We had our primary program at church last week and all of the 8 & 9 year old boys sang a song about the priesthood. Watching Jace sing really melted me heart and i felt the spirit so strong that my little boy has. It was incredible. He sung his heart out. We had a halloween party for his birthday. We played lots of games. I think eveyones favorite game was the mummy wrap. There are teams of two kids and one wraps their partner up until the roll runs out then the other partner has to do the same. The winners are who finishes first. Jace and his friend Tyler won. It was so fun to watch and the kids loved it. Then they had a toilet paper fight. didn't think about that but everyone helped clean up. I have some really cool news too. Jace got a sponsor last week. Lytle Racing Group heard about Jace's last race and wants to sponsor him. Tooo cool!!! He gets everything half off which is major!! with how expensive motox gear is. He got a new helmet and boots for his birthday which still put us back $200.00. He has a race on saturday. He is in 3rd place overall in the series. There are two more races to go though and the points are soo close between the top three kids anything could happen. We will see. Hayley has a dance compition at the state fair saturday too. so it is going to be a crazy day. I did get someone to watch Carter and Parker. We usually all go out to the track but i'm going early to hopefully see his first moto then hayley, a friend, and i are going to the state fair for their dance and hopefully get back in time for Jace's 2nd moto. I don't want to miss it!!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

you tube video of Jace

We had someone at the track record Jace for his birthday to surprise him. He is always watching dirt bike riders on you tube. We were so excited to get it and it was the shortest video ever with a small jump. It is still cool to watch though even though it could have been better. All that matters is Jace loved it. CHECK IT OUT! go to you tube and search JACE PEARCE. i have computers issues right now. my usb on my computer broke and so i've been using chandlers computer to download my camera. well it is now in the shop because he slipped on a piece of paper and it shattered his screen. oh what fun! lots and lots of pics and blogging soon. you will all be sick of me. ha!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Race weekend and i'm pooped!!!

Things have been crazy around here but that's nothing new. I had to take Carter to the Doctor again because he had another infected lymph node in his neck. The second one in less than a month. She is treating him with an antibiotic and 2 allergy medications. She thinks he has allergies.Carter also had a sore in the back of his heel that was filled with puss so he had to get it drained. They did a culture on it and it came back as strep. What?? it's already healed though! Parker has been fighting a cold for over a week so it has been getting worse so they had me bring him in on friday. Poor guy has a double ear infection, and he is wheezing really bad. Whenever he gets a cold he gets really wheezy. So he is on an antibiotic, albuterol and polmacort. He will be on polmacort all through winter. Fun Fun!!!! Jace had a race today! I wish i could of recorded it. The best one ever!!!! We we're at the track friday night for practice. Parker was not feeling good but he loves going out there which i know made him feel better. We got home late then had to wake up at 6:30am to get there in time for one practice. Two air vacuations and an ambulance before the race even started. not good. but luckily that was all of the accidents of the day.. Jace won his first first place moto in the 65 class. He battled this boy the whole time(who is a sixth grader and is twelve years old) Jace beat him by about ten feet. Too close. It was so fun to see him to excited and proud! 2nd moto they were close again. Jace got second place by a tire. It was sooooo close. But he did the best he has ever done on his 65. Here is a picture of Jace passing number 89 to win the first moto. OH YEAH!!!! now the story of our rv. parents don't leave your kids in a running car. Lessoned learned. Our generator keeps going off while we are in the rv so we turned it completely on so we could turn on the ac. well parker goes up to sit on the drivers seat and pops it out of gear. luckily chandler hurried and stepped on the break. bearly missing jace's dirt bike(which was parked right in front of the rv) but later when we were about to leave three of the four kids were in the rv. Hayley was in charge. well the generator was on and it turned off so hayley decide to turn it on and she bumped the car into drive by accident and it crashed into this metal cage( it protects some electrical stuff) and smashed the front end. Luckily no one got hurt but we have had a hard time selling it and we had someone very interested that wanted to meet us after the race to test drive it.. anyways, she is still intested. she just wants us to get a quote on how much it is going to be to fix. i was surprised by that but she really likes the inside. loooooongest day ever and ever. i have more blogging to catch up on with stuff i did over the break. i'm going to go drink a coke and chill on the couch.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

first day

Today is my first official day of work. I have training today and tomorrow on the register. Then next week i'll be training in my department(bras) then the week after that i have to step it up on my own. ugh. I'm more nervous than i thought i would be. reallly nervous that my stomach gets butterflies when i think about it and i feel sick. I just have to get tonight over with so i know more of what to expect. The first day of work or school was always the worse. I look so official in my new black suits. i love them.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Victoria Secret

I got the call last night!! I'm hired at Victoria Secret. I had a group interview wednesday night. it went really well but ya never know what they are thinking. i haven't worked for ten years so my application was blank but i had a long list of references. this is such an esteem booster for me. because they hired me for me not because of my work history. the hiring manage said it will take about a week or so to hear back from her so i was soooo happy i didn't have to wait that long. i'll be working in the evening from 6-11pm at the chandler mall. (by the way it's the second grossing store in the nation following las vegas of course) super busy!! i applied to stock because i thought i had to stock to get the late shift but the shift is the same for sales. she said she couldn't put me back in the stock room that i would be more of an asset in sales. so i'm in the bra department. awesome discount too. woot woot. i start orientation this saturday. so while three of my kiddos are at school at i have to find some black dress slacks and a black jacket. so if your at the mall come say hi!! and buy a bra! ;)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

lots and lots of pics of new york!! part one.

This is going to be a long long post. I did well flying thanks to the pills. and they really did help a lot. I got to tiffani's at midnight since i had a small delay in chicago. She lives in up state ny and it's beautiful. I love the homes too. Siding, grass, and trees, oh my!!! We went to bed at 2:00am if i remember correctly and woke up at 7 to drive 1 1/2 hours to take the 1 1/2hour train ride into new york city. We missed the the 9:30 train by about 20 steps. So we had to wait an hour till the next train. Taking the train into the city was really cool. It went by the Bronx. The housing is crazy there. Building after building and they are just full of apartments. Train stop was a grand central station. We stayed at the holiday inn in times square. Tiffani scored we got the room for 200.00 including tax. we checked into our hotel room and then went to the middle of times square. i told tiff i hope we see the naked cowboy. and we did!!! so for a dollar you got a picture with him. he was really nice. we were laughing our heads off. We then took the subway to south manhattan. We saw the statue of liberty. Really cool. then went to ground zero. watching the horrible acts of violence that happend on 9/11 on t.v. doesn't even compare to seeing it with your own eyes. tiffani told me that they are still finding body parts. the memorial that they are building is going to be really neat. you should look it up. there is a little catholic church right next to ground zero and it didn't lose one pane of glass when the towers came down. it was filled with memory stuff. pictures and letters. soooo sad but i'm glad i got to experience it. i love that they have the usa flag hanging at ground zero. i will continue my ny trip more later. there is soo much more!

Monday, September 10, 2007


happy birthday to me!!! i'm sooo nervous for wednesday. i leave at 1:55pm az time and get to ny albany at 10:50pm. I feel like i'm going to be bored out of my mind. and to be afraid of flying. not fun. at lestt when i fly with chandler and the kids i'm occupied keeping them busy. i'm trying not to get worked up about how nervous i am to fly. i have plenty of time for that as i'm taking off, flying, and there's the landing. i will survive and it will be worth it. i know that i'm going to have so much fun with tiffani. i can't wait. i still have a lot to do. i promised chandler that i would make spagetti and a chicken casserole. so he can just heat dinner up. i still need to pack. i want to finish all homework tomorrow so chandler doesn't have to worry about it. oh yeah, i did get medicine. hopefully it will help. so bye for now. next post will be of some pics of my trip!! pic is of chandlera parker and i on our way to mesquite, nevada march 2007

Friday, September 7, 2007

trying to make a link list

this is my attempt to make a links list.. it went alll wrong. HELP!! now i need to figure out how to fix my blog. ugh

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Labor day fun

We went to Buffy's (chans sister) house for a bbq and swimming on labor day. We were there for six hours of swimming, talking, eating and singing karoke. It was so fun. I had a lot of fun singing with Lacy! Here are some cool pics of Jace doing back flips and hayley would do a back bend into the pool.

Parker turns two!!

Parker turned two on September 1st. I am sad. I'm having a harder time than i thought i would having my baby grow up. I can't believe it has been two years already. He is such a sweetie. He fights me most of the time while i get him dressed. He really puts up a fight!! He is such a mamas boy too.. So i hope he won't be hard for Chandler while i'm gone next week. His hair is still very blonde. We bought him his first big boy bike. He burnt his finger because he touched the flame when were singing happy birthday. I love my little Parker!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


My Swarovski Crystal Havaianas are now being sold at the Velvet Boutique. It's a very high end store with lots of blingy stuff. A friend went there a couple of weeks ago and noticed that didn't have any blingy flip flops so she told the owner about me and they said for me to bring my shoes in. So last wednesday i did. Since then i have sold four pairs!!!! They are on consignment for now until next month. So i get paid when they sale. I took a high wedge and a flat pair in yesterday and they sold today. Cha Ching!!!!!!! In september she wants to start buying them from me when i bring them in instead of consignment. About six to eight pairs at a time. So i told holly i owe her lunch and a pedicure. She openend the door for me. They also asked if i want to start selling them at other boutiques if i would let them know before hand because they would want the chance to keep me exclusively there. Now that i'm all excited about this and all i hope i'm not jinxing myself. fingerscrossed that it keeps going well and that i can bring my own spending money to new york!!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Feeling Spoiled!!!

So it's my birthday next month and I take it for all that it's worth.. I'm going to the So You Think You Can Dance concert with Hayley and My sister in law Lacy. We got great seats. Last year I had sooo much fun with Janel. The concert is't until November so can't wait, can't wait!!!! I have a round trip ticket to anywhere in the U.S. that needs to be used by October 1st. I've been wanting to go to New York to see my friend Tiffani but too chicken to fly by myself and it's a pain figuring out what to do with the kids while i would be gone. But today I booked my tickets and I'm going thanks to my GREAT mother in law and my sweetie chandler. It will be a lot of work for chandler but i really need this and heck i deserve a little break. I really hate flying.. Vallum anyone???? And it's a long day of traveling. Plan is get there late wednesday night, sept. 12th, and come home noon on Saturday sept 15th. i will have two full days gone with one of them staying in new york city. I haven't ever been to nyc sooo i'm super excited to go with tiffani. She moved to albany ny a year ago and i miss her tons.. so this is going to be a blast.. lots of knock offs there if anyone wants anything let me know. i will be going to the today show, wtc memorial, maybe hairspray on broadway. central park, rockerfellar center, i will get to see the statue of liberty but it almost takes half a day to get out there and back. And SHOPPING! SHOPPING! SHOPPING!!!! CAN YOU TELL I'M SOOOOO EXCITED!! I will miss my family. I already do when i think i won't be here for them. yes i'm a control freak when it comes to them. So now i have a goal to work towards for the next month.. five pounds of fat needs to come off before the 12th. it's possible..

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Thanks goodness for Grandma Connie Sleepovers

The kids get to have a sleepover with their cousins tomorrow night. They always have a lot of fun with grandma and getting to know their new grandpa better. Chandler and I are in need of a break from our kiddos.. We are going to go out to dinner with just Parker. He is so good for us. Tonight I spent almost two hours getting them to bed. I had a really crazy busy week. I have been dedicated on going to the gym and i have really pushed myself physically. It feels good and i love the workout high that i'm on. My eating could be better. Having Carter's birthday party and last night was my turn to host bunco it's been hard to say no to munchies. I'm just trying to get our new schedule worked out. With three kids with homework, activities, and such.
So You Think You Can Dance tickets go on sale tomorrow so i'm getting to the gym at 5:30am so i can be online to buy tickets at 10:00am.. I love love love that show.. Last year i went to the dance concert with my friend Janel and we had soo much fun. We stayed afterwards and waited about two hours to meet everyone. It was worth the wait. We were able to get pics too.. But the venue is at a larger place this year so i'm not sure if i'll be able to meet them.. I'll just count this as a partial early birthday gift. I can't let Chandler off the hook totally. Ha!!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

We bounced and bounced til we couldn't bounce no more!!!

Carter is five!! We had such a fun day. I took treats to his class and we celebrated his birthday. We had his party at a place called Bounce U.. It has a huge slide and lots of blown up stuff for the kids to climb on, bounce and slide down. Carter had so much fun playing with his cousins and friends. Carter is usually shy but he was running around and being crazy. It was so fun for me to see him like this. It was his specail day and he really enjoyed all of the attention. Now time to think about my baby turning two in three weeks. bah!

Monday, August 6, 2007


These pictures are from saturday morning practice. Jace is doing some freestyle tricks now and i just pray he doesn't hurt himself. He has always been this way. NO FEAR!!! I'm glad Carter is more calm and mellow. At least for now. I think Parker will be crazier than Jace. He runs around the house reving up his motorcycle and runs around like he is riding one. We always find Parker in the garage sitting on jace's motorcycle.

Off to the gym i go. I have lost 1 1/2 pounds last week so i just need to keep it up. Worked out w, th and saturday. This week will be better. I did have three great workouts. My legs are finally feeling better having sunday to rest them. I want to stay on this workout high. Only a sliver on Carter's birthday cake for me.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

yeah i feel soooo good!!!

Yes! I finally did it. I got my booty to the gym. I only did cardio but i did burn 550 calories, I was finshed by 9:15am. I'm so proud of myself. I finally got all the kids ready at 7 and dropped hayley and jace at school at 8. It really is hard and is an accomplishment for me. I use to do it everyday but i got lazy this summer and i just need to get into the routine again. my friend holly is working out with me tomorrow so it will be a good workout. I ate really good today. only one coke before scouts. ha! stress.. i didn't eat enough though so i will have to make sure i eat more tomorrow.
Scouts went good. I think it's having my kids home while i do scouts that drives me crazy!!! Oh well there is nothing i can do about that.
I just got done making some very beautiful necklaces with swarovski crystals. i made one for my moms birthday which was yesterday. Then of course i made hayley one and myself two. I haven't made jewelery this year so it was fun.
i have nothing going on tomorrow!! finally. i just need to put clothes away and clean the boys bathroom. i should go to the orientation for parents at the school which is thursday night but chandler won't be here and i hate paying for a sitter on stuff like that. only half the parents go anyways. they will send home the handouts with the students too..
well i'm going to try to get some sleep.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007


i don't even know if i spelled that correctly. i feel like i have too much to do and it's really affecting my sleep really bad. i only got three hours of sleep last night. it's late and i should be tired but i'm not. i have scouts tomorrow and i'm really dreading it. i really don't like my calling right now. with everything else it is something i could do without. i need to get over it because i'll probably be in scouts for awhile. boo hoo.
the kids are enjoying school. especially carter. he is turning five on monday and we are having a huge party at bounce u. he deserves it. he is such a good boy. we invited a lot of kiddos since you can have up to 25. we have cousins coming, church friends, and new school friends. it will be fun. it will be parkers birthday on a few weeks later.
i need to write out my workout game plan and my food menu. i don't know why i keep putting it off. if i can get everyone ready before school i can go straight to the gym like i use to do and be done working out by 9:15 which will leave me 2 hours for errands. i feel like crap and gross from all of the soda and junk. i look at all my cute jeans i bought last fall that i can't fit into anymore. i have only gained 6 pounds but i'm so smushy and bloated. hmmm soda. sodium. i have this 10 day cleanse that i really want to do.. it is a ten day cleanse. call the master cleanse. i did it just for one day and i quit. my reasoning being hayley and i were going to go out to eat and to nelly fertado concert and also my friend tiffani was coming in from ny for a visit and we were going to eat out. so i quit. now i can't find ten days in a row yet that i can do it. maybe thursday august 10th. the cleanse is called the master cleanse. you can find people doing it on you tube.
it's suppose to detox all of your muscles organs and joints. making you feel great. we'll see.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Back to school

The kids started school yesterday. They were soooo ready and so was i. It so quite now in the house so i am missing them but i'm not missing all of the i'm bored, i'm hungry and the fighting. Hayley is now in fourth grade. Jace is in second grade and Carter is in kindersteps(half day kindergarten). I think Carter was the most excited about going to school. All day he kept asking me what time it was and how many more minutes til school. On the way to school he said "i'm so excited and i'm so happy". He has enjoyed his first two days of school. He told me today that he missed me. Yeah, i'm still needed. Still trying to figure out parkers nap schedule with carters school schedule. It has been hard on parker these past two days. I really want to start scrapbooking again. it has been forever and i'm feeling very motivated. i also have a gift certificate to use at recollections to buy some new stuff to help get started. I will start with our trip to san diego. I can make time for it but i need to just write down my plan for the day and figure out when i will be doing my cleaning. i also need to plan out my meals to lose my last ten pounds. my sister in law called my hot today. yeah i'll glady take the compliment. choa!