Sunday, August 17, 2008

Just thinking about the good ole days of SYTYCD

Actually all of the seasons have been GREAT!!! But for some reason season 2 has been my favorite! Of course I have my favorites from all seasons. I just found these pics organizing and thought I'd share. I am so pale! and I thought I looked so good until I saw the pics. I had lost 22 pounds doing BFL with Janel and thought I was smoking.. ANyways, Janel and I went to the concert for our birthdays and waited afterwards to meet everyone. Everyone was soo nice and sweet. This is my favorite show!!!!! LOve IT!!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Back to the Gym

When I work out I fell sooooooo good and so much better about myself! So I finally got my booty back to the gym today and already feel good. I feel dead but good. Already had a protein shake this morning(yuck) and getting ready to eat my apple and string cheese! So I'm feeling it again. Coke and Chocolate will be a saturday treat if I'm a good girl this week. Everyone knows that I'm an addict!! Eating healthy is too much work! Too much prep! They need fast food salad and sandwhiches! Anyways I'm going to do some house cleaning, check out hobby lobby, and buy me some new makeup today. It's amazing how much i get down with only having Parker home. Here is to a Great and Healthy day!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

It finally happened!

I finally got the call from Chandler that i knew i would eventually get. On the night of July 3rd Jace broke his arm. When i say broke his arm it is completely broken in half. He is a major motocross dirtbike rider. He lives to ride his dirtbike! He was clearing about a forty foot jump and while he was in the air his motor cycle lost power. He knew he was going to wreck poor guy. He said it was black for a few seconds. He is so lucky that is the only thing that broke. He is a trooper. When ever he is in pain he acts like nothing is wrong. Chandler took him to the urgent care and they said he was going to have to have surgery that night which freaked me out. I met chandler and Jace at Phoenix Childrens hospital. He was dooped up on morphine which made him very itchy. We met with the orthopedic surgeon and he said with that kind of break they just put it in a splint and a sling. What are you crazy is what i was thinking. So they sent us home with a prescription for oxycotin. which did nothing for the pain he was in. So the next morning we took him back in and they re did the splint and gave him tylenol with codine. That did the trick. Aweek later we met with the pediatric orthopedic doctor. They took him out of the splint and put him a very secure sling that actually went around his waste too so he couldn't move his arm. Three weeks later he is wearing no sling. There is a lot of new bone growth. Gravity is suppose to pull his arm down eventually. They showed me pictures of other kids with the same break. He still has restictions on what he is aloud to do but it is amazing how fast it is healling. it woun't fully heal for about one year. THis has been a crazy summer!!!

Our new baby girl ROXY

This is the newest addition to our family. She is a little chihuahua. She weighs 9ounces and will weigh about 2 pounds fully grown. She is such a sweetie and has a fun little personality. TOO CUTE!

First Day of School

The kids started school on July 23rd. Hayley and Jace jumped right back into the swing of things. Hayley is in 5th grade this year. When we got to school she took off, she yelled bye mom. i'm thinking ummm okay bye. Jace took off about five minutes later. So i waited with Carter until he left with his class. The first couple of days he did really good. Then we had about 4 days of crying and not wanted to go. He said he was so bored and it he was gone a long time. Kindergarten is all day. He could of went to first grade this year but because of his age we waited to start kindergarten this year. He is such a smart boy. Loves to learn and he is such a great reader. He will start getting more work next week since he knows all the stuff they are doing. And they usually have kinderstep kids help other classmates too. I hope we made the right decision on putting him in kindergarten twice. (not the same school) I only have my buddy Parker at home. He is such a sweetie. He i mean i slacked off big time on potty training since we moved july 1st. He was doing really good. Then before i knew it he was in pull ups all the time until they were soggy. Poor guy. He didn't care though which was really bad. Since the kids have been back to school he is doing awesome at going potty. He is in underwear all the time. He has one accident everyday though but we age getting there. He is going my old v.t. house today so i can help in jace's class today. So hopefully he won't have an accident there. I'm glad that i found someone that is watching kids so i can help in class more. I will be in Carters class from 12-3 on wednesdays and alternating between Hayleys and Jace's class on thursday from 12-3pm. Time to go!


Carter turned six years old on the 6th. He is such a sweet and tender boy.(most of the time) He was such a sweet baby. I call him my "break" between the craziness of Jace and Parker. We had friends and cousins over for a pool party. It seemed like everyone had a blast. Pizza, cupcakes and otter pops too! Chandler and Carter sit on our bed almost every night and play music. Chandler plays on his acoustic guitar while Carter plays a drum beat on the side of it. Chandler wrote a song called hallelujah and Carter sings it with him. Carter said for his birthday he wanted a hallelujah guitar. Chandler put it on the side of his bed that night so when he woke up on his birthday he would see it. He loves it. He got a lot of great gifts and loves all of his new webkins. Thanks everyone for making Carters birthday a lot of fun!