Tuesday, July 31, 2007


i don't even know if i spelled that correctly. i feel like i have too much to do and it's really affecting my sleep really bad. i only got three hours of sleep last night. it's late and i should be tired but i'm not. i have scouts tomorrow and i'm really dreading it. i really don't like my calling right now. with everything else it is something i could do without. i need to get over it because i'll probably be in scouts for awhile. boo hoo.
the kids are enjoying school. especially carter. he is turning five on monday and we are having a huge party at bounce u. he deserves it. he is such a good boy. we invited a lot of kiddos since you can have up to 25. we have cousins coming, church friends, and new school friends. it will be fun. it will be parkers birthday on a few weeks later.
i need to write out my workout game plan and my food menu. i don't know why i keep putting it off. if i can get everyone ready before school i can go straight to the gym like i use to do and be done working out by 9:15 which will leave me 2 hours for errands. i feel like crap and gross from all of the soda and junk. i look at all my cute jeans i bought last fall that i can't fit into anymore. i have only gained 6 pounds but i'm so smushy and bloated. hmmm soda. sodium. i have this 10 day cleanse that i really want to do.. it is a ten day cleanse. call the master cleanse. i did it just for one day and i quit. my reasoning being hayley and i were going to go out to eat and to nelly fertado concert and also my friend tiffani was coming in from ny for a visit and we were going to eat out. so i quit. now i can't find ten days in a row yet that i can do it. maybe thursday august 10th. the cleanse is called the master cleanse. you can find people doing it on you tube.
it's suppose to detox all of your muscles organs and joints. making you feel great. we'll see.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Back to school

The kids started school yesterday. They were soooo ready and so was i. It so quite now in the house so i am missing them but i'm not missing all of the i'm bored, i'm hungry and the fighting. Hayley is now in fourth grade. Jace is in second grade and Carter is in kindersteps(half day kindergarten). I think Carter was the most excited about going to school. All day he kept asking me what time it was and how many more minutes til school. On the way to school he said "i'm so excited and i'm so happy". He has enjoyed his first two days of school. He told me today that he missed me. Yeah, i'm still needed. Still trying to figure out parkers nap schedule with carters school schedule. It has been hard on parker these past two days. I really want to start scrapbooking again. it has been forever and i'm feeling very motivated. i also have a gift certificate to use at recollections to buy some new stuff to help get started. I will start with our trip to san diego. I can make time for it but i need to just write down my plan for the day and figure out when i will be doing my cleaning. i also need to plan out my meals to lose my last ten pounds. my sister in law called my hot today. yeah i'll glady take the compliment. choa!

darn it!

the video upload didn't work. i'll have to try to figure this out

Jace being silly!

I had to share this. He is so funny and quite the entertainer. Hope you get a laugh out of it.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Moto Man Jace

Here are some pics from April of Jace. I can talk about him riding his motorcycle all day long so sorry if i brag too much but i'm an impressed and proud mom!!! He is gearing up for the 2nd series of the year. There are two series in the year. Part one just finished and he didn't place. If you win first place three times you get bumped up. So since he had to move on from pee wee beginner riding his 50 we put him on his 65. So he went from first place in the 50's class to 2nd to last in the 65 beginner. But jace gets faster way to quick. His first race on his 65 he got 2nd to last out of 12 riders. The 2nd race he got 7th out of 11 riders. Now in the june race he got 3rd! He is kicking butt and jumping most of the jumps. I will try to download a video clip. These little boys are crazy!! He has his first race of the series this Saturday and we can't wait.. I feel like i'm going to pass out when he is at the starting gate and i hold my breath when he jumps in the air until he safetly lands. But he loves it and is good at it. Go JACE GO!!! MY MOTOCROSS BOY!! YOU ROCK! okay my bragging is done. for now.....

Friday, July 6, 2007

Yes, there is more.....

The kids really liked the hands on star exhibit. They got to handle the starfish which are alive. Hayley made friends with the lady in charge of the exhibit. Hayley hung out with her asking question after question. Parkers favorite time at seaworld was the deep sea fish. He kept running over to the glass, pointing at, and saying fishies fishies. We had fun and we are exhausted. Glad we went! Now time to gear up for back to school.

Sea World on the 4th!

The first pic is the Atlantis ride. It is actually a roller coaster. Soooo much fun. Carter was able to go on and after the huge drop he wanted to get off. Yeah for Shamu the whale!!!

Our San Diego Trip

Here are some pics of Pacific Coast Beach. The weather was perfect. The water was cold for us Arizonias. We built sand castles which Parker demolished of course.