Tuesday, January 29, 2008

lots of stuff

I'm a little behind it's been craziness in our house! Last week started off with the kids bringing home a dog from the park. Well their friend took it home but since they already have two dogs they asked us to take it. This dog was sooo sweet but very nervous. He just shook the whole time. I slept with him on the couch and he curled right up to me. The next morning i took him to the vet to see if he had a micro chip but he didn't. i had errands to run so i took him with me. i'm so glad that i put a blanket in the car with us because the dog (kids named him scrappy) threw up three times. if anyone has seen a dog throw up it is sooo gross!!!! He was good besides that. I had 15 minutes to burn until i had to get the kids so i did a drive around the neigborhood. Right when i pulled in there was a flyer. YEAH!!!! his name is max and he lives right around the corner from us. His family had me put him in the side gate. The kids had a complete melt down in the car. But we aren't ready for a dog again.
on tuesday night i got a call from chandler saying jace broke his hand which meant no supercross if he is in a cast. so we decided to wait until we got back from supercross to get an xray. Jace had a race on saturday which he rode half a lap and went off the track. so we packed up early and chandler took him to urgent care. no broken hand!!! just severly damaged muscle. his hand is badly bruised. thursday we went to red robin for dinner which we always do for birthdays. we celebrated hayleys birthday early. her birthday is today. Well i left my really cute blinged out cell phone on the table and someone stole it.. all my numbers and cute pictures and videos gone. so i got the exact same pink razor and blinged it out right away. turned out really cute! Hayley is having a slumber party for her 10th birthday. i feel bad that she can't have it this weekend but Chandler, Jace, Hayley and i are going to anaheim friday for jace's supercross race. we will see how he rides. he hasn't been on a 50 for six months. he rides a much bigger and faster bike now so it will be interesting. he is excited and so are we. My sweet friend holly is watching carter and parker. They love her and her girls and my boys are best pals. Here is a picture of hayleys birthday invitation. I made them and i must say i think they turned out really cute! Now i will be busy packing up for the trip and getting the two younger boys stuff together, homework finished, a flip flop order finished, keeping the house cleaned, etc etc! I will post again after supercross!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

You can't stop the beat!!

Chandler bought tickets to see The National Hairspray broadway tour. It was my Christmas present. We went on wednesday night. We ate at the Hard Rock then went to watch the show. The show was awesome!! I loved every minute of it. I only get these two picks at the beginning of Tracy singing Good Morning Baltimore. The guy behind me tapped me on the shoulder and rudely said you can't take pictures with his finger pointing at me. I even turned the flash off but whatever. Besides that it was so fun. It was a lot more riskay (don't know if i spelled that right) than the movie. I wasn't able to go to see Hairspray on broadway when i went to NYC last year. And that was something i wanted to see sooo bad. But was on a time limit and went shopping in China town instead. When we got back to get tickets they were sold out. Anyways! Thanks Chandler! I had so much fun with you! I hate how i scrunch my face when i take a picture of myself. Note to self have Chandler take the picture next time.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Hi. My name is Casey and I'm a Coke Aholic.

I finally got my booty to the gym this year! I finally got to the point of feeling soooo gross because of bad habits. I don't know why it is so easy to slip into the bad habits that i have. Like coke for breakfast. Yum. You know your a cokeaholic when you had your only can of coke at lunch and by 9pm your dying to have one. I thought i would make it till today but a friend who is also a cokeaholic put a cold one on her porch for me. She's all, it's there if you want it. For half an hour all i did was think about that cold coke sitting out on the porch, calling my name! Yes i am weak. I went and grabbed it a 10pm. So i couldn't fall asleep until 1:30am but i still got up at 5:30am and went to the gym. I only did 35 minutes cardio but i walked on an incline or i ran. It takes me a 40 minute round trip to get to the gym. And i have to get back in time to get the kids up for school. So i did it! Yeah for me. And i ate really healthy today. 96 ounces of water, and 105 grams of protein. I need to get my protein up a little more and my carbs down. I did have a can of coke with my chicken green salad at lunch. hey i'm an addict. but at least i'm choosing not to live off of it anymore. Well i'm going to get my stuff ready for the gym. Can't stop now cause i'm on fire. I will lose these last 10 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!! good night.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Award night at the ET motopark banquet

Jace got third place in the 65 beginners division. There are two two part series and each series is six months. Five months ago he had to move up from the 50's peewee division because he got first place two times in a row and smoked everyone. So he had to move up. The first race in this last series he got lapped by the guy in first place. Then the next race he was like 6th and has improved very quickly. He did win first place one moto and 2nd the other. He is now jumping 80 foot jumps and does some freestyle tricks like no footers and tail whips. When he is in mid air i always hold my breath until he lands safely. About two weeks ago his dirt bike died in mid air. He landed and went over his front wheel and hit his head against the ground. It's true what they say about helmets. We had to replace the visor since it was broken but it save jace's head. He also had pains breathing for a day. Oh what fun. It happened right before i went out there so i am glad that i didn't see it. Anyways, part one of the first series was on the 5th and jace got 2nd place. I'm sooooo excited for supercross. Chandler, Jace, Hayley and I are going. My sweet friend Holly is watching Carter and Parker. We received the official packet today and i got so excited for him while reading it. It is going to be a crazy end of the month because it is also hayleys 10th birthday. We are getting her an awesome gift which i can't say what it is because she likes to read the blog. kids are back in school. I was able to make myself some new jewelry this week. I made hayley a cute necklace. It's a silver "dog tag" i blinged it with swarovski crystals . I did the H in black with tiny purple crystal around the tag. She wore it today to school and now all of her friend have requested one for their birthdays. Let me know if anyone wants one.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Freezing in Flagstaff & some awesome news!

We decided to take the kids to play in the snow on monday. I've been dreading this trip because we freeze and we always end up getting stuck. Of course both happened. We left our house at 9:30am for our quick trip to flagstaff. It normally takes 2 1/2 hrs to 3 hrs to drive but it took us five. We didn't get there till 2:30pm. We were at a dead stop up in the mountains due to some 18 wheelers jack knifing. And a few cars sliding and getting stuck. Our kids did really well and were very patient just sitting there. We decided to let them out of the car to play but the cars started to move. We found a really cool place to sled online so we followed the map past snowbowl only to get to a gate that was closed. Someone told us there was another hill for sledding a few more miles up. We found it and attempted to pull in so we didn't have to walk forever with the kids and all of our stuff. But we got stuck. Really stuck! Some men came over and helped us but we weren't budging. Then another vehicle pulled in and pushed us about forty feet back to the main road. He then said he was going to drop off his wife and kid to play and he would be right back. But he didn't come back and we had about another 40 feet to go. We just sat there and waited. We let jace and hayley out to go sledding. Finally a truck came by with a tow package and after a lot of pushing and pulling we finally got out. We went down by the college and found some small hills (about 4pm). We ended up having a great time. I don't know which of kids had the most fun. Even parker played in the snow and loved going down the sled. It was only 21 degrees!! We finally hit our freezing limit and headed back to our beautiful 60 degree weather. We got home at 8:30pm. We had a very fun and exhausting day.
The kids went back to school today. Yeah, because our schedule was sooo off. 7am came too fast this morning but the kids didn't have a problem getting ready. I can't believe half of the school year is over. I hate that time is going soo fast.
The awesome news is.... Jace randomly got picked for the supercross ktm challenge. He will be racing against 11 other kids during the supercross halftime. It is a once and a lifetime opportunity. It will be in Anaheim, California on Saturday, Feb 2nd. If anyone knows about how huge supercross is, this is a huge thing for Jace. We are so excited for him to experience this.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christmas day catch up

Jace was sooo excited that he woke hayley and carter up at 6am and they came into our room and we got up to watch them unwrap gifts. I knew Parker wasn't going to get a nap that day so we let him sleep. Chandler and I went back to sleep till Parker woke up which was at 8am. He didn't know what was going on but he was an expert at unwrapping gifts. Jace got a double bike ramp from Santa. Santa brought hayley a digital camera. what a lucky girl!! Carter got the loop de loop hotwheels car thingy. It was just what he wanted! Parker got an electric dirt bike. He will be a motox pro at 3yrs old.Everyone loved their gifts. We also got the family an air hockey table. It will be fun once we figure out the scoring metal things. i will call the 800 number tomorrow. frustrating. all in all it was a great day. we always get together on christmas eve with chandlers family. the kids put on the christmas story, we eat and exchange gifts. On christmas we get together for a late lunch with family and play games and hang out. I can't believe that it has been a week since Christmas day. I got all of the decorations put away from the inside of the house. Tomorrow i will my part of the outside. I always miss my family a lot during this time of year. I wish that i could see them more. I'm so thankful for my own family. Here's to a great 2008!