Sunday, April 20, 2008

days fly by

every week flies by. i wish time would slow down. the kids are growing up too fast. i have so much to blog about so I'm going to have to do a blogging rewind soon. Hayley's birthday, jace's supercross trip, and my anniversary really need to be written down. these last few weeks have been crazy. i have been packing on the days i have been motivated to do so. i was able to go on jace's field trip to the maricopa county fair. it was a lot of fun and it's always great to get the one on one time with him. the kids had fun and couldn't help but pick out all of the gross stuff with the animals. for example the one stick of hay sticking straight out of the goats bum. the funnel cake smelled too good. there was a rule of not buying anything. dang!! the next day i went on a field trip to the zoo with carter's class. we were able to meet them there which was great. of i wouldn't of been able to go. i couldn't leave parker two days in a row. hayley has had aims testing a really time consuming oral book report with a project due last week. it is her second oral report and has one more in may. she is also in a play her class is doing on may 8Th. she is really excited about it. i can't believe this school year is almost over and i will have three of my kiddos gone during the day. i have been really busy getting stuff together to finally sell my stuff on the web!!! i'm going to be selling my flip flops, jewelry, and hats and clothing with personalized bling on them. i can't wait. i have so many sales i lose because i don't have a web store. it is just more convenient for customers. so many ask me but i give them a business card to email me and i will send them pics and prices. and that's where it usually ends. so i'm really excited and i will let you all know when it is on the web. oh yeah. i have lost 11 pounds now!! and i love the definition i'm seeing on my body!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Thanks Celia for taking me to see Bon Jovi on friday night! I wanted to go sooooo bad! Chandler was going to take me for my valentines gift but his brother had a rage in the cage fight the same night and he is his coach. So i was bummed (a brat) because I love love bon jovi. On thursday night we got a call that Jason(Celia's) husband had two free tickets and to see if i wanted to go with Celia! Heck Yeah!! It was fun. We were high in a sky box which freaked me out at first. I'm a chicken now when it comes to heights. Daughtry opened for Bon Jovi and they were really really good live. Bon Jovi put on a great show of course. I could listen to Jon sing forever! It did take us 45 minutes to find are car. I joked to Celia it was a good thing that we didn't drink or we would have probably never found it.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Look who's riding now!!! CARTER!!

Carter has been riding his dirt bike with training wheels for a few months. He really wanted to ride but he wasn't confident in riding without his training wheels. Well he has been riding without them for a month now and is doing awesome!! It is fun to watch him ride and hear the excitement when he talks about it. I do have a video but can't upload it because I'm horrible at figuring things out on the computer. help someone!! Here is a cool pic of Jace during last race! He was first in the beginner class and had to move up because of over all points. Jace is amazing on his dirt bike. He took first place but is the only one in his age group 4-8yrs. There are a couple of boys in the beginner class that will have to move up to age soon which will make the racing funner. He races at the same time as the 9-12 year olds and held his own. He is only 6 seconds slower than one of the fastest kids in that age group (which he beat at the hole shot).

Workouts great. eating, slacking some do to myself being a emotional eater. i have been dealing with the sale of our home since nov 2006 and since the market in az took a huge hit we have to short sale our home. we finally got an offer this last week but it is up to the bank to except it or not. stress stress stress!!! I still have lost 9 pounds since feb 15. half way to my goal. the true results are in the body fat testing which will be april 15th!!!

Hayleys Hall of Fame Dance compition

Last Saturday Hayley had a dance compition. I hate when she wears make up for performances because it makes her look so much older. She is barely 10. We had Emily do a really cool updo for the performance. Hayley did great. She loves loves loves Hip Hop dancing. She is always dancing around the house. She is in two classes. one is every monday and the compition class is every other monday which isn't enough dancing for her. The dance company got gold which is 3rd. They weren't very happy. At the end all of the dance companies went on the stage and they did the cha cha slide. At least 150 kids doing the cha cha slide. It looked like a lot of fun and i wish i was up there!!