Tuesday, January 30, 2007

hayley 9th birthday bash

What a fun weekend. Hayley turned nine and i think she is finally tired from all the birthday fun. Thirteen girls at skateland was a great way to celebrate hayleys birthday. she had so much fun. They spray painted her hair blue. She got to request her own song. Temperature by Sean Paul. All the girls went up to the dj both and yelled happy birthday hayley through the mike. After skating, playing videos games, eating pizza, cup cakes and ice cream everyone was well worn out. The party ended with all of us doing the cha cha slide dance. hayleys party was at the very front. i did it right next to her and i loved every minute of it because she isn't embarassed of me yet! that'll probably happend soon enough. i forgot to get a picture of us together. I took her shopping at the mall for her birthday gift. then we ate at the california pizza kitchen. yummy.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

here are the pics

so i forgot the pics of the award night. i have forgotten so many things this week. can we say stress!

et motox awards ceremony

Jace got third overall for the part 2 arizona series. not bad for his first race series. the trophy is as tall as he is. we are so proud of him. he loves riding his motorcycle. we are entering him in the ktm race that they do at the supercross race. it's a rafell so it would be soo cool if he got picked. this girl he races with got picked so we saw her race at the supercross this month. jace was wishing he was riding when the kids were racing. it is so fun to watch the little kids ride. he will get his cast off feb 7th. he has to make up points from not riding this month. i will have to figure out how to put on a video of him riding.

hayley will be nine on monday. we are going to skateland. she invited 12 girls. all are coming but 1. it'll be fun. i'm surprised they all rsvp. her party is saturday. then i'm throwing her a birthday dinner on sunday with chan's family. and on monday her real birthday we will go to red robin. we always go to red robin as a family on our birthdays.

as for me i feel really yucky from eating bad and not working out. i was suppose to go visiting teaching in the morning but it got canceled tonight. my plan in the morning is to do a quick clean up of the house then off to the gym. i can do it and i will!!

Monday, January 8, 2007

A crazy start for 2007

I haven't been on the computer much. I haven't had anytime to just chill. Parker had to go see his doctor again on the 27th. They thought he had a bladder infection or a virus called roseola. So they had to rule out the bladder infection. i told them he wasn't drinking or eating but they did the cathader (sp?) anyways. noo pee. big surprise not. so they sent me to xray because carter filled parkers crib with jace's magnetics. i picked parker up out of his crib and he threw up. so they wanted to make sure he didn't swallow a magnetic ball. which he didn't. yeah. so we went back to the dr's office after the xray and the did another cathoder and got a little pee and ruled out a bladder infection. so he had rosela for seven days. it can last up to 21 days. high fever and irritation. i was up till 3:30am one night 2:00 am the next. this sounds like a poor me post!! sometimes motherhood is hard. he has had four days of being healthy and now the cough is back for the third time! Parker woke up as i was laying down at midnight saturday. he was up till 3:45am. so i missed the first sunday of church. new time and new building. i was excited to meet our new class of five year olds. we have 12 kids in our class this year. he doesn't cough during the day. only when he lays down.
soooo sunday night we go over to chans moms house for dinner. we were there for about 15 minutes before jace got hurt. my little dare devil moto x boy fell out of a swing and hurt his arm. today the xray reviled that he broke both bones in his arm. hopefully only a cast and no surgery. his appt is tomorrow. on top of all of this junk i feel like crap because i haven't worked out. and we have our first open house this sunday. Our house has been on the market for 6 weeks and only one walk through.
we did have a great christmas. everyone loved their gifts. we have enjoyed all of the christmas cards and pictures from family and friends. i'll try to post tomorrow after jace's appointment with a pic.