Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Merry Christmas!

We have had a wonderful holiday season. It has been wet and cold Christmas. Usually we can still play outside this time of year. Today it will be in the low 70's but a few days ago there was frost on our grass. not a common sight to see.

Our ward had a Christmas breakfast with Santa. The kids had a lot of fun seeing Santa. Parker was very shy. I took Parker to see Santa at the mall when the other kids were at school. He was so cute with Santa. He was so shy but still managed to let Santa know that he wanted a Thomas choo choo train.

We went to Chandlers moms house for Christmas Eve. This time it was spent with the Oberlys (step family) and it was a lot of fun. The Oberlys are a lot of fun to hang out with. The kids usually act out the Christmas story while papa Skip reads it but this year Grandma Connie wrote a little script to go with it. The kids had a lot of fun acting and saying their parts. It was a very fun night full of yummy food and great company.

That night i was so dead tired. Even thought the kids are on break I still wake up at 6am and go to the gym. So i'm tired around 9 9:30. I'm soo done. The kids are so off schedule. On sunday they slept in till 10am. good thing our church time is at 12:30pm.. so i kept falling asleep on the couch because it was 9:30 and we were still trying to get the kids to settle down. I finally had to go shower to wake up some. I still had some wrapping to do. We'll i gave up getting Parker to sleep and Santa finally came. The kids woke up at 6am. Everyone loved their gifts! A little too much.

They all got ninetendo ds's and won't put them down, I've had to threaten them with taking them away just to have them get dressed for the day and eat. I've been buying myself stuff this last month for my Christmas gifts. I got some new workout clothes, jeans, music, and gym shoes which i love love love! Chandlers gift was having money to start his MMA gym. I did fix his favorite watch, slippers, a hoodie, and some cologne. We then had a late lunch at Buffys house. Yummy food again. I lost again playing a ticket to ride. It's a fun game but i'm two for two as being the LOSER. ha but it's fun..

Workouts still on. It is my outlet and i love going to the gym! Feeling good for the most part. We are having friends over tonight to celebrate the new year! I hope everyone has fun tonight! I always get nervous entertaining because I want everyone to have a good time.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Life blah blah blah!

Well can you say STRESSED OUT! that is what I am. I have really learned to control my stresses in life but really! Last week Chandler found a forclosure notice taped to our garage door. We are in a rental and they haven't been making a payment on the house since we've moved in. the forclosure date is feb 13th. so Chandler called our landlord and he said they are refinancing the house and it won't forclose. that's a bunch of crap! homes aren't worth what people owe so there is no way they are going to be able to refinance. so things are up in the air! We do have a rental lined up but not til July 1st. I was talking to our sitters mom and she said they will be renting there house out and would rather rent to us than somebody they don't know. They aren't upside down on the house so i know we won't get forclosed on. it's five bedrooms with a pool for four hundred less than we are paying now. and is walking distance to the school. we would be in our old ward. well kind of. they split it into thirds but we know a lot of people in that ward still. the kids are excited and so am i. i just hate the situation because it is so dishonest! why rent to us if you know you will be losing the house! argh.. so a negative then a positive. i don't know what we will do if we have to move out feb. it will all work out right! we will know more after Christmas.

last monday i threw my back out doing the back lift in body pump. i haven't ever thrown my back out and let me tell you it really sucks! so i went to the chiropractor and he looks at my xrays and tell me i have the beginning stages of arthritist in my lower back. insurance doesn't cover the chiro. great! lets just add it to the fixing Casey list. well the chiro tells me how much it's going to be to get adjusted and do decompression therapy yadda yadda. we definetly don't have anything extra this month. i ended up seeing one of my brother in laws friends there in the office. he is a chiro too. he started telling my chiro about the mma gym that my husband is going to start in january. he offered me half price on the adjustments ($26) and my therapy which is $40 a treatment and i need 10 treatments for free if Chandler advertises him in the mma gym for the fighters. Chandler agrees of course! HUGE blessing! We are so blessed to be so close to the temple. We always enjoy going to look at the Christmas lights and the huge beautiful statue of Christ.
Jace got in a fight at scouts on Wednesday. I hate fighting but i am so proud of Jace for standing up to this kid. This boy has been pushing Jace around the last few weeks in class. He is bigger than Jace and Jace proved to him that size doesn't matter. The kid was pushing Jace and Jace told him to stop. He said what are you going to do about it. so Jace flipped him over onto the ground and got behind him and started to do a rear naked choke on him. the kid then bit his arm and the leaders finally saw what was going on. Jace is a squirt. but he is tough, and thanks to his dad he knows how to stand up for himself! go jace!

Thursday morning started with Hayley telling me that she had a band concert that night and needed to wear all black. she does this to me all of the time. she did it to me tonight actually. "mom you need to come to the last 15 minutes of hip hop". there went my finish christmas shopping plans. She has to take band and at first she was excited about it. now she doesn't like it at all. I can't believe that she picked the trombone to play. She looked very pretty and we had a lot of fun taking pics of her and the trombone before the concert.
Friday Hayley and Jace stayed the night at grandmas and we went on a date. I won a cheesecake factory gift card at bunco so we ate there. yummo and i ate myself sick! We also got free suns tickets at the last minute so we ended up going to the suns game! We had a lot of fun.

Saturday Carter had a bday party a peterpiper pizza. Then i had to go pick my dad up at the truck stop, went to Hayleys dance performance at the old folks home, went to eat with grandpa, and my dad let the kids pick out a christmas gift at walmart. fun fun busy busy! I think i'm most excited for 12:30 chrurch. we have had church at 8am and it changed this sunday. yeah!!
So if you haven't heard from me for a while. I apologize especially to tiffani and janel. I know you wanted to go to lunch last week Janel! and i haven't talked to tiff in forever. Posting random pics. All of my pics of Hayley with her trombone and temple aren't uploading. It's saying the are corrupt. nice.
Are you regretting reading this post! I think I just had a therapy session. :)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

is it over yet?

Those of you who know me really well know all the crap i've gone through with my dang teeth!! I have had five root canal with crowns, and now i need to redo all the work i had done two years ago which included a root canal and two fillings that need to be crowns now. all of my back teeth will be crowns by the time i'm 40 i swear. well on my last root canal there wasn't enough structure left to put on the crown so today i'm having crown lengthening done and i have to admit that i am very nervous! My appointment is in about two hours. The dentist was so casual with me,, all i have to do is go in and cut away some gum tissue and bone.. that's it. ummm okay. so he gave me some medication to take before my appt that is suppose to help with the anxiety of all of my dang dental procedures i have had done! so i will be out of it the rest of the day, a mini vacation i guess. i can do this right? how do i expect to get my ta ta's fixed if i can't deal with this! enough of my poor me! by the way i love the body pump class at the gym. if your gym offers this class take it! you'll love it!

UPdate: Okay so I survived my oral surgery! it wasn't bad at all! yeah! the medication definitely helped. I couldn't even walk straight. Now it's Parkers turn. This morning he will be getting drugged and teeth fixed. :( can't wait for it to be over with. my children inherited my wonderful teeth. not! carter and hayley have no cavities and Jace has two little ones that the dentist said he won't even have to numb jace so the teeth saga is getting better!