Tuesday, August 21, 2007


My Swarovski Crystal Havaianas are now being sold at the Velvet Boutique. It's a very high end store with lots of blingy stuff. A friend went there a couple of weeks ago and noticed that didn't have any blingy flip flops so she told the owner about me and they said for me to bring my shoes in. So last wednesday i did. Since then i have sold four pairs!!!! They are on consignment for now until next month. So i get paid when they sale. I took a high wedge and a flat pair in yesterday and they sold today. Cha Ching!!!!!!! In september she wants to start buying them from me when i bring them in instead of consignment. About six to eight pairs at a time. So i told holly i owe her lunch and a pedicure. She openend the door for me. They also asked if i want to start selling them at other boutiques if i would let them know before hand because they would want the chance to keep me exclusively there. Now that i'm all excited about this and all i hope i'm not jinxing myself. fingerscrossed that it keeps going well and that i can bring my own spending money to new york!!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Feeling Spoiled!!!

So it's my birthday next month and I take it for all that it's worth.. I'm going to the So You Think You Can Dance concert with Hayley and My sister in law Lacy. We got great seats. Last year I had sooo much fun with Janel. The concert is't until November so can't wait, can't wait!!!! I have a round trip ticket to anywhere in the U.S. that needs to be used by October 1st. I've been wanting to go to New York to see my friend Tiffani but too chicken to fly by myself and it's a pain figuring out what to do with the kids while i would be gone. But today I booked my tickets and I'm going thanks to my GREAT mother in law and my sweetie chandler. It will be a lot of work for chandler but i really need this and heck i deserve a little break. I really hate flying.. Vallum anyone???? And it's a long day of traveling. Plan is get there late wednesday night, sept. 12th, and come home noon on Saturday sept 15th. i will have two full days gone with one of them staying in new york city. I haven't ever been to nyc sooo i'm super excited to go with tiffani. She moved to albany ny a year ago and i miss her tons.. so this is going to be a blast.. lots of knock offs there if anyone wants anything let me know. i will be going to the today show, wtc memorial, maybe hairspray on broadway. central park, rockerfellar center, i will get to see the statue of liberty but it almost takes half a day to get out there and back. And SHOPPING! SHOPPING! SHOPPING!!!! CAN YOU TELL I'M SOOOOO EXCITED!! I will miss my family. I already do when i think i won't be here for them. yes i'm a control freak when it comes to them. So now i have a goal to work towards for the next month.. five pounds of fat needs to come off before the 12th. it's possible..

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Thanks goodness for Grandma Connie Sleepovers

The kids get to have a sleepover with their cousins tomorrow night. They always have a lot of fun with grandma and getting to know their new grandpa better. Chandler and I are in need of a break from our kiddos.. We are going to go out to dinner with just Parker. He is so good for us. Tonight I spent almost two hours getting them to bed. I had a really crazy busy week. I have been dedicated on going to the gym and i have really pushed myself physically. It feels good and i love the workout high that i'm on. My eating could be better. Having Carter's birthday party and last night was my turn to host bunco it's been hard to say no to munchies. I'm just trying to get our new schedule worked out. With three kids with homework, activities, and such.
So You Think You Can Dance tickets go on sale tomorrow so i'm getting to the gym at 5:30am so i can be online to buy tickets at 10:00am.. I love love love that show.. Last year i went to the dance concert with my friend Janel and we had soo much fun. We stayed afterwards and waited about two hours to meet everyone. It was worth the wait. We were able to get pics too.. But the venue is at a larger place this year so i'm not sure if i'll be able to meet them.. I'll just count this as a partial early birthday gift. I can't let Chandler off the hook totally. Ha!!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

We bounced and bounced til we couldn't bounce no more!!!

Carter is five!! We had such a fun day. I took treats to his class and we celebrated his birthday. We had his party at a place called Bounce U.. It has a huge slide and lots of blown up stuff for the kids to climb on, bounce and slide down. Carter had so much fun playing with his cousins and friends. Carter is usually shy but he was running around and being crazy. It was so fun for me to see him like this. It was his specail day and he really enjoyed all of the attention. Now time to think about my baby turning two in three weeks. bah!

Monday, August 6, 2007


These pictures are from saturday morning practice. Jace is doing some freestyle tricks now and i just pray he doesn't hurt himself. He has always been this way. NO FEAR!!! I'm glad Carter is more calm and mellow. At least for now. I think Parker will be crazier than Jace. He runs around the house reving up his motorcycle and runs around like he is riding one. We always find Parker in the garage sitting on jace's motorcycle.

Off to the gym i go. I have lost 1 1/2 pounds last week so i just need to keep it up. Worked out w, th and saturday. This week will be better. I did have three great workouts. My legs are finally feeling better having sunday to rest them. I want to stay on this workout high. Only a sliver on Carter's birthday cake for me.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

yeah i feel soooo good!!!

Yes! I finally did it. I got my booty to the gym. I only did cardio but i did burn 550 calories, I was finshed by 9:15am. I'm so proud of myself. I finally got all the kids ready at 7 and dropped hayley and jace at school at 8. It really is hard and is an accomplishment for me. I use to do it everyday but i got lazy this summer and i just need to get into the routine again. my friend holly is working out with me tomorrow so it will be a good workout. I ate really good today. only one coke before scouts. ha! stress.. i didn't eat enough though so i will have to make sure i eat more tomorrow.
Scouts went good. I think it's having my kids home while i do scouts that drives me crazy!!! Oh well there is nothing i can do about that.
I just got done making some very beautiful necklaces with swarovski crystals. i made one for my moms birthday which was yesterday. Then of course i made hayley one and myself two. I haven't made jewelery this year so it was fun.
i have nothing going on tomorrow!! finally. i just need to put clothes away and clean the boys bathroom. i should go to the orientation for parents at the school which is thursday night but chandler won't be here and i hate paying for a sitter on stuff like that. only half the parents go anyways. they will send home the handouts with the students too..
well i'm going to try to get some sleep.