Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Where is the Lost Dutchman?

Since we won't be going to our favorite vacation spot (California) any time soon we are going to start exploring Arizona. I found a website that tells you all about the best places to visit in AZ. We will be going on a lot of hikes and exploring a lot of awesome places. We started with the Superstition mountains. We were going to go hiking but when we finally got to the trail we were going to hike we looked at it and it would be really hard for Carter and Parker. So we went off road to try to find some other trails. We ended up at a Museum for the lost dutchman who was on a search for gold. Gold has been found many times in the superstition mountain. Chandler we need to get a metal detector! I wouldn't mind finding a gold nugget or two. So we toured the museum which was full of old treasure maps and a lot of other neat artifacts. The museum was right next to an old movie set for many old movies that were filmed three. It was burnt down a while ago but the barn was still there and so was the chapel where Elvis Presley performed at. We thought it was really cool. Then we visited the goldfield ghost town which we always have fun at. The superstition mountains are so grand and they look fake! I'm so glad that we are getting back to enjoying nature. I have missed it!

Friday, September 19, 2008

M.I.A. not really

LIfe is just crazy!! I'm glad that the kids will be on break soon! Here is what we have been up to in the past couple of weeks! Jace took first place in the 65 age group. This is from six months ago. They just finally had the awards ceremony. Arm is healing amazingly well! I also went to Utah sept 5-6th. It was a very quick trip but i am so glad that i was able to go. I met my niece Caylin. She is such a doll. She is such a great baby. So easy going. Colby was baptized. He has such a sweet spirit to him. And Caden was my hugging buddy. With having my kiddos always giving my hugs and kisses i found myself missing it. so i finally grabbed Caden and gave him a big hug! Misty didn't know that i was coming and I can't believe that she didn't find out because i found out everyone else did! Freddy is a great brother in law and i'm so glad misty has him in her life. I was able to visit Grandma Hacking. Love her! and i saw more family that i haven't seen in 11 years. It was so good to see them and i promised myself that i need to stay in touch better with my extended family.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Parker!

Our little Parker turned 3 years old today! If anyone remember my pregnancy with him is was very physically and mentally tough. I still notice the scar on my bicep from my pick line that went in my bicep, into the larger vein and was place 3 cm from my heart. crazy!! But my little guy was worth it all. He is such a sweetie. He is such an easy going kid! I guess you need to be being the youngest of four. He is infatuated with thomas the train and sponge bob. The night before I had Parker i was miserable. I always have my babies early and was hoping he would come soon to give my body some relief. But not before September 1st. If I had him before midnight on august 31st our insurance wouldn't cover my birth at all. We'll I decided to sleep in the recliner that night and i felt a gush of wetness. I thought I peed my pants because my water never broke on it's own. I knew with the others once my water broke i had my babies fast. I looked at the clock and it was 12:15 am. I'm safe as far as my insurance goes if my water broke i told chandler and he told me that most likely my water didn't break.(men think they know everything) Then came the intense pain and labor. I called Janel and she took the other kiddos for us so we could go to the hospital. I was definetly in labor and Parker Abe Pearce was born at 5:00am. He weighed 5 pds 6 ounces. He was 3 1/2 weeks early just like carter. He was perfect! So tiny. Carter weighed 2 more pounds exactly than Parker. He is my little buddy. You should hear him laugh. He has the best laugh and you can't help but laugh with him! Our family loves little Parker! Here is a video of him on his first birthday. So cute!