Saturday, December 9, 2006

dec 9,2006

Today was the last race of the part two series at et motopark. Jace got third overall in the series and he had to get fourth our higher today to keep it. The first moto he was third/fourth until he wrecked. He is okay but i felt bad because everyone was passing him while he was getting his motorcycle up and running again. He bent his right foot rest and brake when he wrecked. But that did not stop him. He rode the rest of the race having to hold his right leg up where the foot rest would be and the brake rubbed his back tire the rest of the race. He still finished 6th. Jace was so mad. He was doing so good. Moto two was soo good. He took 2nd at the holeshot. There is this girl that always finishes 2nd barely in front of jace. He has been trying to pass her for months. Today he did!!! He took 2nd in the first lap and kept his 2nd postion. He was so excited when he finished his race. I wish i had it on video. We are so proud of him. He is so fast and he is jumping the step ups now. I'm so nervous watching him. He loves to ride his motorcycle.
Sorry if this bores any of you but this blog is for my journaling to. i never write down anything and my memory is horrible. so my blogs will probably be very long.
Parker said nana today (banana). he always says bye bye now and said thank you. He is only fifteen months. He is developing so good. He still only has six teeth but eats everything.
Chandler and I went to Jilly's with Mark and Janel. We always have so much fun hanging out with them. We don't go out enough.
I'm trying to get into the mind set of working out hard core again. i want to lose ten more pounds and get stronger. i've lost all the muscle i've put on. I will go to the gym monday. i will!!

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