Friday, November 2, 2007

Jace's 8th Birthday!!

I can't believe our little Jace is eight years old now. He is such a good kid. We had our primary program at church last week and all of the 8 & 9 year old boys sang a song about the priesthood. Watching Jace sing really melted me heart and i felt the spirit so strong that my little boy has. It was incredible. He sung his heart out. We had a halloween party for his birthday. We played lots of games. I think eveyones favorite game was the mummy wrap. There are teams of two kids and one wraps their partner up until the roll runs out then the other partner has to do the same. The winners are who finishes first. Jace and his friend Tyler won. It was so fun to watch and the kids loved it. Then they had a toilet paper fight. didn't think about that but everyone helped clean up. I have some really cool news too. Jace got a sponsor last week. Lytle Racing Group heard about Jace's last race and wants to sponsor him. Tooo cool!!! He gets everything half off which is major!! with how expensive motox gear is. He got a new helmet and boots for his birthday which still put us back $200.00. He has a race on saturday. He is in 3rd place overall in the series. There are two more races to go though and the points are soo close between the top three kids anything could happen. We will see. Hayley has a dance compition at the state fair saturday too. so it is going to be a crazy day. I did get someone to watch Carter and Parker. We usually all go out to the track but i'm going early to hopefully see his first moto then hayley, a friend, and i are going to the state fair for their dance and hopefully get back in time for Jace's 2nd moto. I don't want to miss it!!

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