Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Look who's riding now!!! CARTER!!

Carter has been riding his dirt bike with training wheels for a few months. He really wanted to ride but he wasn't confident in riding without his training wheels. Well he has been riding without them for a month now and is doing awesome!! It is fun to watch him ride and hear the excitement when he talks about it. I do have a video but can't upload it because I'm horrible at figuring things out on the computer. help someone!! Here is a cool pic of Jace during last race! He was first in the beginner class and had to move up because of over all points. Jace is amazing on his dirt bike. He took first place but is the only one in his age group 4-8yrs. There are a couple of boys in the beginner class that will have to move up to age soon which will make the racing funner. He races at the same time as the 9-12 year olds and held his own. He is only 6 seconds slower than one of the fastest kids in that age group (which he beat at the hole shot).

Workouts great. eating, slacking some do to myself being a emotional eater. i have been dealing with the sale of our home since nov 2006 and since the market in az took a huge hit we have to short sale our home. we finally got an offer this last week but it is up to the bank to except it or not. stress stress stress!!! I still have lost 9 pounds since feb 15. half way to my goal. the true results are in the body fat testing which will be april 15th!!!


ladybug143 said...

Would, I think I would freak out to see my sons do this. You are more daring than I am. They look like they are loving it tough. I noticed you sent me an email, but it never came through, something happend. Maybe you could send it again! Thanks!

Connie said...

Nice Job! I need to tune in more. I'll see you Wed.


Katee said...

What does "short sale" mean and why does the bank get to decide? I'll invite you to my blog again-I just remembered.