Monday, November 17, 2008

Yadda Yadda

Okay I just bought the soundtrack to twilight and i love it. There are some really rockin songs on it and i can't wait to have some new music to exercise to. Janel are you ready!!!! i haven"t ever been this excited for a movie. Chandler surprised me with the tickets a couple weeks ago for the midnight showing. Janel and i will be having dinner and still showing up early to get decent seats! My dad stopped through on his way from vegas to texas and was able to hang out for a couple days. It was a lot of fun. He was able to see the boys ride there dirt bikes and to see Jace play flag football. the kids never want him to leave, especially Carter.
If you find my brain on the side of the road please return it to me. Last tuesday i was going out to the track and stopped at walmart on the way. Well Parker had to pee so i hurried him to the bathroom and forgot my keys in the cart. FYI walmart will not use the intercom to help find lost items. My extra set of keys were locked in the car along with my dead cell phone. So i finally started walking around looking in peoples carts and i actually found them. I about freaked the guy out. Oh my gosh my keys. he didn't even notice them. Yeah i was very relieved, i had no idea what i was going to do if i didn't find them. i'm trying to get excited about the holidays. maybe i will decorate some like janel so it will feel like thanksgiving. life is flashing before me. i really have a lot to be thankful for. being brain dead isn't one of them. ha


Dan and Lacy King said...

OH MY GOSH! That is funny about your keys! I am so glad you found them. WHAT THE CRAP? I can not believe Wally World won't announce those kind of things. BOO TO THEM! I am excited for you to see the midnight showing, so SWEET of CHan to do that for you. WAY TO GO BRO! I am going on Friday with some girly friends here and we are pretty excited.

About Face Book, I may start doing it.... I think Buff is sending me an invite.


When is Preston and Karen leaving?

Wendy said...

Isn't it awful how we lose our minds when we have kids. I'm going to a midnight showing here for Twilight too. Those books are addicting. Can't wait to see it!

Janel said...

I am SO SO SO excited for Twilight!! It is what is keeping me going this week for sure. I can't believe you found your keys in that guys cart, that is a miracle!!

caseyann said...

Yeah it was a miracle. i just kept thinking i'm soo screwed right now!

The New York Mellons said...

You are so crazy...I too love the soundtrack! Did my video clip ever work or show up. I tried to call you back but I got your voicemail. It was fun to see Twilight. Maybe when New Moon comes out I will be in AZ (I am trying hard to get the early invite.) then we could go to the midnight show!Have you got any weird request lately? I miss you a ton.