Wednesday, April 29, 2009

whats going on

I'm so excited that it is getting hot here because that means that we are closer to moving back to our old neighborhood. We are all very excited, especially the kids. They miss being close to there friends and i'm sick of driving them back and forth, back and forth. It will be so good for all of us. I will be closer to some of my old ward friends which just makes life so much easier when you live close by. Things change when you move, it just isn't as convenient. I'm so busy and days are just a big blur. I just helped jace make a Frilled Lizard out of mold magic (it didn't work as great as i thought) It looks good though but we still need to paint it and finish his report. Hayley has a huge project she is working on about Hawaii. I'm so lucky to have a child that is so responsible with her school work. Hayley did awesome at her dance competition. They took second place in all their dances. She loves it. We had 3 extra practices a week for the last month on top of her 3 regular practices. So yeah it's over. She has a huge recital on May 30th. I will love saving the money i spend on dance since she is taking a break over the summer.
So what have i've been up to.
1. Working out daily again. LOVE IT AND FEELING GREAT!
2. Eating super healthy and having a lot of cravings for all the junk that i like to eat. I signed up for this program though that makes you log everything you eat.
3. If I keep this up (i promise i will) i will hit my goal June 23rd.
4. Packing packing and yeah more packing. Instead of panicking about this i've already started.
5. I will finally be having my varicose vein surgery on May 22nd. I can't wait!
6. I want boobies. ha ha ( i hope to be up to this in the near future) it consumes my mind too much during the day.
7. Just trying to be positive and happy. We are being so blessed right now.
8. I made my niece Caylin some headbands for her ist birthday. I miss her.
9. I signed Parker up for next school years preschool. starts august 7th. After the day i had with him it will be nice to have a break. He is usually good but he has been a handful lately. boredom.

I'm so happy friends are reading my blog again. It makes me feel oh so special!


Janel said...

It sounds like things are going a lot better for you guys!! I'm glad that you get to go back to your old neighborhood, that will be so fun!!

Lacy King said...

FUNESS! I want you to tell me how to make the headbands... just in case I have a girl. Are you guys planning on coming to the reunion?

ladybug143 said...

Sounds like you are busy as usual! I am glad you get to move back where you want to be. I completely understand wanting to be by people.

Connie said...

Love you all,