Tuesday, January 30, 2007

hayley 9th birthday bash

What a fun weekend. Hayley turned nine and i think she is finally tired from all the birthday fun. Thirteen girls at skateland was a great way to celebrate hayleys birthday. she had so much fun. They spray painted her hair blue. She got to request her own song. Temperature by Sean Paul. All the girls went up to the dj both and yelled happy birthday hayley through the mike. After skating, playing videos games, eating pizza, cup cakes and ice cream everyone was well worn out. The party ended with all of us doing the cha cha slide dance. hayleys party was at the very front. i did it right next to her and i loved every minute of it because she isn't embarassed of me yet! that'll probably happend soon enough. i forgot to get a picture of us together. I took her shopping at the mall for her birthday gift. then we ate at the california pizza kitchen. yummy.

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