Thursday, January 25, 2007

et motox awards ceremony

Jace got third overall for the part 2 arizona series. not bad for his first race series. the trophy is as tall as he is. we are so proud of him. he loves riding his motorcycle. we are entering him in the ktm race that they do at the supercross race. it's a rafell so it would be soo cool if he got picked. this girl he races with got picked so we saw her race at the supercross this month. jace was wishing he was riding when the kids were racing. it is so fun to watch the little kids ride. he will get his cast off feb 7th. he has to make up points from not riding this month. i will have to figure out how to put on a video of him riding.

hayley will be nine on monday. we are going to skateland. she invited 12 girls. all are coming but 1. it'll be fun. i'm surprised they all rsvp. her party is saturday. then i'm throwing her a birthday dinner on sunday with chan's family. and on monday her real birthday we will go to red robin. we always go to red robin as a family on our birthdays.

as for me i feel really yucky from eating bad and not working out. i was suppose to go visiting teaching in the morning but it got canceled tonight. my plan in the morning is to do a quick clean up of the house then off to the gym. i can do it and i will!!

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