Sunday, April 22, 2007

Too much to do Too little time

I need to update more. I have had a great week. I had great workouts and i'm feeling good. I'm still drinking my soda but not as much and i'm drinking almost a gallon of water a day.
Update on hayley. She is practicing a lot for her recital on june 2nd. it's a huge production at the highschool auditorium. It was so much fun watching everyone last year and i can't wait to see her do her routine. It's a lot harder than last years. She has great rhythm. My one and only girl. Love her. She is such a huge help to me.
Jace had a race last night. He raced his 65 dirtbike for the first time. I was so nervous. He did great. He got bumped up from the peewee group because he took first place the first half of the series. He did so good on his 65. He got seventh in the 65 beginner and in the 65 open he got 12 out of 13 the first moto . then he got 6th out of 13 the 2nd moto. he was on fire. It so fun watching him and cheering him on. Jace also got first place when he raced in mesquite nevada in march. He also took first at speed world which is the other motox track on the other side of phoenix. i could go on and on about it. so hey i'm a proud mom.
Carter got in kindersteps for the next school year. He can officialy go to kindergarten this year but we don't want him to. He is so ready for kindergarten but kindergarten is all day now and it would be a long day for him and i'm not ready to lose him yet. kindersteps is exactly like kindergarten. after kindersteps they can move on to first grade. He already can write his first and last name. write all of his letters and write his number one through twenty. he's a smarty pants.
Parker is almost twenty months. He loves motorcycles. Friday night when we went to watch jace practice he started making motocycles noises as we pulled into the track. he does this around the house too. he is enjoying having grass finally in the backyard. He likes to go down the slide.
As for me. i'm trying to get my little business going. I make hand embellished swarvoski crystal havaianas. I finally got my business cards made. I'm going to put them everywhere. i'm also going to get a magnet for my car. I just need to get my name out there. i love making them and i'm fast at it. They are beautiful. I would love to do flip flop partys too. If anyone have ideas for marketing please share.
I have a dr's apppointment for my darn leg tomorrow. Hope they can do something for me.

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Janel said...

Hey a new entry finally!!! :D LOVE the flip flops! I would really consider doing a party for you, I'm such a chicken though. I will put the feelers out there and if i think I can get enough people I will do it. Get out of town with Parker being 20 mos.???? Where is the time going, holy crap! Good to hear that you're getting you workouts in, thats awesome. When your contract is up, you need to come to Lifetime, it rocks! TTYL!