Tuesday, March 13, 2007

i'm a horrible blogger

so much has happened and i have so much to write about. you know it has been a long time since you've blogged when you can't remember your password and you have to have it sent to your email. anyways. we are going out of town on the 15th. it is the kids two week school break so we are going to mesquite, nevada. there is a motox race there on the 17th that jace will be competing in. he has only raced at et motopark so he is very excited. we bought an rv friday night. we have been landscaping our backyard and went to homedepot to get more sand. there was an rv in the parking lot for sell. finally in our price range. so an hour later we met the guy and made a deal. we love it. it will be so much fun to have. no more setting our chairs up in the dirt. and now i can tollerate the 115 degree weather in july. cause i'll be chilling in an airconditioned rv.
Jace did take first place in the two motos he raced in febuary. he has never been in first so we were so excited and happy for him. Chandler turned 35 on march 2nd. can't believe that. we bought a boxer puppy for his birthday. his name is duke. he is a cutie. we are taking him with us on our trip. four kids and a puppy. fun fun fun.
i will post pics when i get a new camera. which will be tomorrow. my camera is saying lens error. it is sticky from juice or something. as for working out. i have a really good week then something always happens. i will get back on track when we get home from nevada. i'm ready now but i know me and i can't eat that healthy on trips. my sister misty and her family are meeting us in mesquite. it'll be a lot of fun. i hate hate packing for trips. to much to bring. i'll post on how jace does in his race. and maybe figure out to post a video of him.

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