Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Back to school

The kids started school yesterday. They were soooo ready and so was i. It so quite now in the house so i am missing them but i'm not missing all of the i'm bored, i'm hungry and the fighting. Hayley is now in fourth grade. Jace is in second grade and Carter is in kindersteps(half day kindergarten). I think Carter was the most excited about going to school. All day he kept asking me what time it was and how many more minutes til school. On the way to school he said "i'm so excited and i'm so happy". He has enjoyed his first two days of school. He told me today that he missed me. Yeah, i'm still needed. Still trying to figure out parkers nap schedule with carters school schedule. It has been hard on parker these past two days. I really want to start scrapbooking again. it has been forever and i'm feeling very motivated. i also have a gift certificate to use at recollections to buy some new stuff to help get started. I will start with our trip to san diego. I can make time for it but i need to just write down my plan for the day and figure out when i will be doing my cleaning. i also need to plan out my meals to lose my last ten pounds. my sister in law called my hot today. yeah i'll glady take the compliment. choa!


mamanicky said...

Hallelujah, Hallelujah!! Isn't back to school great. I don't know how Moms can home school, it's nice to have a break for part of the day. Your kids are soooo cute, by the way. :0)

Lacy Breck said...

OH CARTER IS IN SCHOOL!!!!! SAD! When did he grow up? I love my nieces and nephews they are so cute. Hayley is soooooooo BEAUTIFUL! Casey soon you will have them all in school and I will be married to a rich man and we will spend all of our days at the SPA crying that our babies are gone while we are getting facials!