Wednesday, September 19, 2007

lots and lots of pics of new york!! part one.

This is going to be a long long post. I did well flying thanks to the pills. and they really did help a lot. I got to tiffani's at midnight since i had a small delay in chicago. She lives in up state ny and it's beautiful. I love the homes too. Siding, grass, and trees, oh my!!! We went to bed at 2:00am if i remember correctly and woke up at 7 to drive 1 1/2 hours to take the 1 1/2hour train ride into new york city. We missed the the 9:30 train by about 20 steps. So we had to wait an hour till the next train. Taking the train into the city was really cool. It went by the Bronx. The housing is crazy there. Building after building and they are just full of apartments. Train stop was a grand central station. We stayed at the holiday inn in times square. Tiffani scored we got the room for 200.00 including tax. we checked into our hotel room and then went to the middle of times square. i told tiff i hope we see the naked cowboy. and we did!!! so for a dollar you got a picture with him. he was really nice. we were laughing our heads off. We then took the subway to south manhattan. We saw the statue of liberty. Really cool. then went to ground zero. watching the horrible acts of violence that happend on 9/11 on t.v. doesn't even compare to seeing it with your own eyes. tiffani told me that they are still finding body parts. the memorial that they are building is going to be really neat. you should look it up. there is a little catholic church right next to ground zero and it didn't lose one pane of glass when the towers came down. it was filled with memory stuff. pictures and letters. soooo sad but i'm glad i got to experience it. i love that they have the usa flag hanging at ground zero. i will continue my ny trip more later. there is soo much more!


caseyann said...

i pulled my pics off of tiffani's so i guess i'll have to put my own in to make them larger. sorry. i was going to post more but i'll have to wait.

Janel said...

I lvoe it, I cant wait to see more pics!!

Lacy Breck said...

I am so happy you got to go! That is so great and NY?!?!?!? My dream city, so I am pretty jealous right now. Glad you are back home with us though!!!!