Friday, September 21, 2007

Victoria Secret

I got the call last night!! I'm hired at Victoria Secret. I had a group interview wednesday night. it went really well but ya never know what they are thinking. i haven't worked for ten years so my application was blank but i had a long list of references. this is such an esteem booster for me. because they hired me for me not because of my work history. the hiring manage said it will take about a week or so to hear back from her so i was soooo happy i didn't have to wait that long. i'll be working in the evening from 6-11pm at the chandler mall. (by the way it's the second grossing store in the nation following las vegas of course) super busy!! i applied to stock because i thought i had to stock to get the late shift but the shift is the same for sales. she said she couldn't put me back in the stock room that i would be more of an asset in sales. so i'm in the bra department. awesome discount too. woot woot. i start orientation this saturday. so while three of my kiddos are at school at i have to find some black dress slacks and a black jacket. so if your at the mall come say hi!! and buy a bra! ;)

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Janel said...

OH wow, Casey that is so cool!! That will be a really really fun job! Good for you for going out and getting it, that is awesome!