Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A RUDE AWAKENING!! Just what I need!!

I joined a new gym that is only a five minute drive from my house! yeah!!! I have been working out for about a week when i finally got the nerve to get my body fat done by calipers. I went in on the 15th feeling and looking bloated and just yuck!! i asked for a female trainer and of course there wasn't one available. A trainer manager came up and started talking to me. telling me he could do it for me and that he won't judge me. he's been a trainer/nutritionist for 13 years. he also told me that he has three kids which made me feel a lot better. so i let him check my body fat. and i'm not going to post it. about 10% more than i thought it was. i'm surprised i didn't fall over. i felt gross and that is all that i needed to pull my head out and finally hit my goals that i set march 30 2006. He sat down with me and figured out a meal plan for me that is super clean and promised me that i will get great results if i stick to it at least 8 weeks. so i'm doing it. lucky for me i did drink a protein shake on the way to the gym but i didn't plan for no more coke, no chocolate and del taco!!!! i have become an emotional eater too which doesn't help. he also told me that i needed to lift heavy weight. only 8 reps about 4 to 5 sets. what? lift weights! i really don't enjoy lifting. there is a class at fitness works that i love. it is called body pump and it is a full body work out with weights. it kicks my butt, but i can tell that i'm getting stronger already. he told me to take that class at least three times a week. add some lifting and i can do some cardio if i want.. i have lost three pounds already! of just flushing out my system with lots of water, no coke or fast food. I would love any ideas for some snacks/ meals that are close to what i need to stick to. i would love support!! i crave chocolate more than coke. ha . that surprised me.
breakfast myoplex lite and one fish oil 25 g protein 18 carbs 193 cal
snack apple and string cheese 8 g protein 22 carbs 6 g fat 161 cal.
lunch 6 oz lean turkey or chicken on wheat bread or wheat tortillia 43 grams protein 32 carbs 4 grams fat 341 cal.
snack myoplex lite 25 g protein 18 carbs 190 cal
dinner 1 cup veggies 6 ounces chicken 2 fish oil 37 g protein carbs 21 g 3 g fat
total 138 g protein 111 g carbs 18 g fat total calories 1161

It's almost been one week of eating super healthy. It is hard but it is already becoming a habit. I love the way i feel, i can't wait to love the way i look.


Mark and Leslie said...

Sounds like you are on the right track. And you sound very motivated. Why dont you just go train with all those Pearce boys,It might be fun to wrestle with them:)

Lacy Breck said...

Casey you can totally do this! I think we should still have a contest against each other. It will hope motivate us and try to kick each other's tushies!