Tuesday, January 29, 2008

lots of stuff

I'm a little behind it's been craziness in our house! Last week started off with the kids bringing home a dog from the park. Well their friend took it home but since they already have two dogs they asked us to take it. This dog was sooo sweet but very nervous. He just shook the whole time. I slept with him on the couch and he curled right up to me. The next morning i took him to the vet to see if he had a micro chip but he didn't. i had errands to run so i took him with me. i'm so glad that i put a blanket in the car with us because the dog (kids named him scrappy) threw up three times. if anyone has seen a dog throw up it is sooo gross!!!! He was good besides that. I had 15 minutes to burn until i had to get the kids so i did a drive around the neigborhood. Right when i pulled in there was a flyer. YEAH!!!! his name is max and he lives right around the corner from us. His family had me put him in the side gate. The kids had a complete melt down in the car. But we aren't ready for a dog again.
on tuesday night i got a call from chandler saying jace broke his hand which meant no supercross if he is in a cast. so we decided to wait until we got back from supercross to get an xray. Jace had a race on saturday which he rode half a lap and went off the track. so we packed up early and chandler took him to urgent care. no broken hand!!! just severly damaged muscle. his hand is badly bruised. thursday we went to red robin for dinner which we always do for birthdays. we celebrated hayleys birthday early. her birthday is today. Well i left my really cute blinged out cell phone on the table and someone stole it.. all my numbers and cute pictures and videos gone. so i got the exact same pink razor and blinged it out right away. turned out really cute! Hayley is having a slumber party for her 10th birthday. i feel bad that she can't have it this weekend but Chandler, Jace, Hayley and i are going to anaheim friday for jace's supercross race. we will see how he rides. he hasn't been on a 50 for six months. he rides a much bigger and faster bike now so it will be interesting. he is excited and so are we. My sweet friend holly is watching carter and parker. They love her and her girls and my boys are best pals. Here is a picture of hayleys birthday invitation. I made them and i must say i think they turned out really cute! Now i will be busy packing up for the trip and getting the two younger boys stuff together, homework finished, a flip flop order finished, keeping the house cleaned, etc etc! I will post again after supercross!


The New York Mellons said...

casey i dont know know how you do it all....i got your message late last night....i will call you today...you are awesome

Lacy Breck said...

I can not believe the dog puked in your car... I would have put it back on the streets. I know I am a meany, but COME ON!!!!