Friday, March 21, 2008

Beautiful day for a hike

Today I was able to hike south mountain with Hayley and her young girls church group. I was reminded of how much i love hiking. I use to go hiking in Utah all of the time. Since I was a teenager there I knew of all of the cool places to hike. I have missed it. I would really like to go hiking again before it gets too hot. but today was perfect. only 87degrees. Hayley had a lot of fun and it was fun hanging out with her. She gets so silly and giggly around her friends.


Lacy Breck said...

Well dang girl we should have a girls day and go hiking! I LOVE IT TOO! Glad you had a good time.

ladybug143 said...

That is something I miss so much is being in the mountains and camping & hiking! Nebraska is FLAT! (with a few minor hills!) It is a joke, I have to drive a min or 8 hours to get to the mountains. I am so glad you can enjoy things like that with your daughter!