Thursday, June 19, 2008

Time for a MAJOR recap

So much is going on or has gone on. For some of you that know I have had a lot of personal issues to deal with. I'm so ready to move on. We have two offers on our house which is great. We are moving out on July 1st and we are soooo ready. We need a fresh start. I am ready to pull my head out and to be happy. I'm so sick of being stressed out over everything. Every little thing stressed me out and it takes all my energy to do. I was hanging by a thread when school got out. I wish i could have a do over year. This next school year will be better!! I will be more on top of what is going on. Especially with Hayley. She is just so independent and effortlessly gets all of her work done. We just had to many I need this or that today moments. Or forgetting stuff at home so i would have to go back to the school. I need to just move on.

The kids are so excited that we will have a swimming pool again. That is what we have missed the most is not having a pool like our old house. We drove buy are old house and it made Hayley and I cry when we opened the back gate. There are weeds taller than me. Tons and tons of them. And our once beautiful pool is now green with only two feet of water in it. We did so much to that house. The people forclosed on it in May. We are looking into possibly buying it back one day and rent it out.

This is going to be the longest post ever. Since my last post Hayley had a school play, and she was picked to be in the talent show. She did a hip hop routine with three girls that she takes hip hop with. She also had her recital which she danced awesome at. She was hitting all the beats so hard and perfect!! She is so talented. Hayley is also a great artist and writer. She is going into 5th grade!!

Jace had scout day camp. Three days from 2pm-11pm of shooting bb guns, archery, sling shots and a lot of other fun stuff. I went on the second day and Chandler went on the third. It was so hot 107degrees but it was a lot of fun! Jace is taking a breakdancing class with Hayley. There are a couple of other boys in the class too. He is riding his dirtbike on three days a week now. He is a great rider! He will be going into 3rd grade!!

Carter is touching up his swimming with some swim lessons. Kids his age are usually swimming for years by now (arizona kids) . we moved out right before he turned 3yrs and was swimming under water to us. It takes him all summer to get to that point. We have only gone swimming 2 times and he has had 2 lessons and he is swimming under water by himself. He will be swimming the crawl in the next few weeks. He is so excited! Carter will be 6yrs old in 1 1/2 months. He is starting kindergarten and is very excited. He also rides his dirt bike really fast and sometimes gets a little air


Parker is talking a lot now. I love how he says more please. A lady in our ward makes bread for our sacrament and it is soo good. I had to take Parker out after he had a piece of bread because he was so loud saying more please! More please! He plays with his trains forever. We have gone back a few steps on potty training. I have been too busy to stay with it. He loves to swim in our kiddie pool that we have in the backyard. He jumps from the top of the slide into it. Yes he is Jace's little brother!
I have a lot more to write about but this is a great start. Thanks for ready my book!


Janel said...

Hey I loved the update!! You guys have been busy with pretty much the exact stuff we have been busy with. Funny. Cooper starts day camp this afternoon. He's doing the night session which I am happy about. I can't believe how much our families are growing up!

Selia said...

Glad to see the new post! Crazy how busy a few kids can keep you. Good luck with the new place, that is always a fun new venture!

Dan and Lacy King said...

That would be so GREAT if you could get that house back! I LOVE THAT HOUSE FOR YOU GUYS! You are doing awesome, and this new start will be WONDERFUL for you all. PLEASE let me know if you ever need me to watch the kiddo's so you and Chan can get out. I NEVER MIND!

ladybug143 said...

Looks like you have been crazy busy this summer! Looks like fun changes though!

Dan and Lacy King said...

UMM... COULD YOU BLOG AGAIN? Maybe another recap?!?!?! AND OH YES, Schnepps is a MUST... it will be our last time, SO SAD!