Thursday, August 7, 2008

First Day of School

The kids started school on July 23rd. Hayley and Jace jumped right back into the swing of things. Hayley is in 5th grade this year. When we got to school she took off, she yelled bye mom. i'm thinking ummm okay bye. Jace took off about five minutes later. So i waited with Carter until he left with his class. The first couple of days he did really good. Then we had about 4 days of crying and not wanted to go. He said he was so bored and it he was gone a long time. Kindergarten is all day. He could of went to first grade this year but because of his age we waited to start kindergarten this year. He is such a smart boy. Loves to learn and he is such a great reader. He will start getting more work next week since he knows all the stuff they are doing. And they usually have kinderstep kids help other classmates too. I hope we made the right decision on putting him in kindergarten twice. (not the same school) I only have my buddy Parker at home. He is such a sweetie. He i mean i slacked off big time on potty training since we moved july 1st. He was doing really good. Then before i knew it he was in pull ups all the time until they were soggy. Poor guy. He didn't care though which was really bad. Since the kids have been back to school he is doing awesome at going potty. He is in underwear all the time. He has one accident everyday though but we age getting there. He is going my old v.t. house today so i can help in jace's class today. So hopefully he won't have an accident there. I'm glad that i found someone that is watching kids so i can help in class more. I will be in Carters class from 12-3 on wednesdays and alternating between Hayleys and Jace's class on thursday from 12-3pm. Time to go!

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