Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Back to the Gym

When I work out I fell sooooooo good and so much better about myself! So I finally got my booty back to the gym today and already feel good. I feel dead but good. Already had a protein shake this morning(yuck) and getting ready to eat my apple and string cheese! So I'm feeling it again. Coke and Chocolate will be a saturday treat if I'm a good girl this week. Everyone knows that I'm an addict!! Eating healthy is too much work! Too much prep! They need fast food salad and sandwhiches! Anyways I'm going to do some house cleaning, check out hobby lobby, and buy me some new makeup today. It's amazing how much i get down with only having Parker home. Here is to a Great and Healthy day!


Dan and Lacy King said...

GOOD CASEY! I need to get back too, to bad our schedules don't work out so we could kick each other in the butt and go everyday!

The New York Mellons said...

good for you, now that i have lost all this weight i need to firm it up...i can wear some size 4's. That wont last long.