Wednesday, December 3, 2008

is it over yet?

Those of you who know me really well know all the crap i've gone through with my dang teeth!! I have had five root canal with crowns, and now i need to redo all the work i had done two years ago which included a root canal and two fillings that need to be crowns now. all of my back teeth will be crowns by the time i'm 40 i swear. well on my last root canal there wasn't enough structure left to put on the crown so today i'm having crown lengthening done and i have to admit that i am very nervous! My appointment is in about two hours. The dentist was so casual with me,, all i have to do is go in and cut away some gum tissue and bone.. that's it. ummm okay. so he gave me some medication to take before my appt that is suppose to help with the anxiety of all of my dang dental procedures i have had done! so i will be out of it the rest of the day, a mini vacation i guess. i can do this right? how do i expect to get my ta ta's fixed if i can't deal with this! enough of my poor me! by the way i love the body pump class at the gym. if your gym offers this class take it! you'll love it!

UPdate: Okay so I survived my oral surgery! it wasn't bad at all! yeah! the medication definitely helped. I couldn't even walk straight. Now it's Parkers turn. This morning he will be getting drugged and teeth fixed. :( can't wait for it to be over with. my children inherited my wonderful teeth. not! carter and hayley have no cavities and Jace has two little ones that the dentist said he won't even have to numb jace so the teeth saga is getting better!


Dan and Lacy King said...

Just rip them out and get dentures! THen you will never have to deal with any of this again! HA HA JK! GOOD LUCK! Stuff like this is never fun. Sorry you have to do it again.

Janel said...

Well I'm glad it all turned out OK, I know it has been a loooong road for your chompers. We should get together and do something fun and productive next week. Like go out to lunch :D

The New York Mellons said...

Oh Casey, I hope you are feeling better....I am glad that you have finally been able to do this. I will talk to you this week....whatever it takes!

Oh and through all of your pain you manage to make me laugh, "your ta ta's". Can you do it?

ladybug143 said...

Yikes! You poor thing! That sounds terrible!