Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Things have been busier than usual around here. Hayley performed in Phoenix twice in the last week. She first dance before the Globetrotters game. She had practice before the performance in a back court where the Phoenix Suns practice. Well while they were practicing their dance Steve Nash came walkling in talking on his cell phone. He watched them practice then took a picture with them. He put his hand on Hayleys shoulder. She knew who he was a couldn't stop talking about it all the way home. They watched him shoot some hoops too. She did really well in her performance. She loves it and has an amazing teacher.

Six days later she opened for the Suns game. It's alway fun watching her dance. I'm living through my child. I always wanted to take dance. I love it.

Jace got his cast off on friday! He is still limping because he is use to his leg being heavy.

Hayley will be 11 yrs old on the 29th and is having a sleepover party. I'm making peach cobbler instead of a cake. I hope everyone has a fun time. I always worry about that. i want everyone to have a great time. I don't want my kids to have a lame-o pparty.

I'm still hitting the gym six times a week and i feel great! I have about 5 more pound to go then to just maintain. I'm the strongest i have ever been in my life and the best shape i can be in after having lots of babies.


laurie said...

you are awesome!!! how fun for hayley to dance at the suns game. i danced growing up and they are the best memories! hopefully i can get back to the gym...this week i had to flush down the toiled because of logans double ear infections, fun!

Dan and Lacy King said...

DANG! Keep posting these things because I want to live through her too! YEAH FOR HER! She is such an amazing dancer. KEEP AT IT HAYLEY and I am sure I will see you on SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE in 7 years! OH THE POSSIBILITIES! YEAH!