Friday, February 27, 2009

um yeah. an update!

Why oh why do I let myself get behind a whole month in the blogging world! Where to start. Hayley turned 11years old on January 29th. I heart attacked her room while she was at school. She loved it. She is such an amazing girl. love her. she was the sweetest baby. She decided to start my labor while i was shopping with my sister misty. I told misty i feel like there is a huge hole in my crotch. So i drove myself to the hospital. On the way I stopped and grabbed a grilled ham and cheese sandwhich because I knew you aren't able to eat if your admitted and I was starving. So they kept me and said to call Chandler. She was born 6 hrs later. My beautiful princess. 6lbs 5oz. Perfect in everyway. Hayley was always in a hurry to grow up from the start. Crawling at 6months. walking by 8 months. decided she wanted to go potty on the toilet at 18months. She is was so easy and pretty much still is. She had 10 girls over for a sleepover party. They had fun singing and dancing.

I learned not to put candles in hot peach cobbler. duh. they melted!
I feel bad because i became a mean mom about 1am. They were still loud and crazy and it echoed upstairs. I kept texting hayley be quiet. I still feel bad about being like that.
Jace finished flag football and is excited to spend saturdays at the motocross track again. He misses it. He loves sports though. He did awesome at flagfootball. He likes to dive for peoples flags even if it means knocking them over. and yes he did get some penalties for it. he also caught some awesome long passes. It was fun seeing the cousins playing on the same team together. Carter is riding his motorcycle too. That's his only hobby right now. that and rocking out to guitar hero.
I just tried downloading my pics and it's not working!! so frustrating.
i've been going through some crap lately so i have been doing some emotional eating and gaining some of the weight that i have worked so hard to lose! but i'm doing better this week. i actually cut soda out again. today was my first no soda day and it has been tough! i miss diet dr. pepper.yum . but i know it has been making me feel like crap and making me bloat like i'm prego. not a good feeling. I was able to go on Jace's field trip this week. It's fun hanging out with him and sitting with him and a buddy on the bus.
Chandlers birthday is coming up and i have no idea what to do for him. I better think fast.


Dan and Lacy King said...

I LOVE THE STORY ABOUT GETTING A HAM AND CHEESE BEFORE GOING TO THE HOSPITAL! HA HA HA! Good one! Dang you are a nice mom, if it was me I would have come running down the stairs and told them to zip it, so don't sweat it! Emotional eating is the best... so you have gained emotional pounds EVERYONE IS ENTITLED TO THEM! At least that is what I tell myself:)

The New York Mellons said...

What a good mom, I love that you heart-attacked her room......I love her bed.....can't wait to talk to you!

Shumway Adventures said...

I must be a really bad mom for not even letting my 11 yr old have a sleepover to begin with, In my book you win coolest mom ever, heart attacking her room is totally awesome!

Connie said...

Always great to tune in to your blog, Casey. I love all of you so much.

Mom Connie

ladybug143 said...

How fun! I can't believe you have an 11 year old!