Wednesday, March 25, 2009

? umm yeah i'm brain dead

I really like to blog with pictures but the computer isn't recognizing my camera for some reason! I've tried downloading the driver again and it keeps saying error. I'm so frustrated. So i will blog for now with no pictures. I will have to go get my pics burned onto a cd for now. then i will add pics later.
The kids are back in school after a 2 1/2 week break. At the begining of every break i'm so happy they are on break. then towards the end they are soooo bored and driving me crazy. and our schedule gets so off. I can hardly keep up with things around here. So yeah they are back in school and we are back into the swing of things.
We didn't do too much. I miss the days of going to san diego or L.A. for spring break. I did take the kids to see bolt all by myself. Everyone was so good and Parker watched the whole movie. Carter started to cry during the fire scene where bolt and the girl pass out. he is my tender hearted son. Jace and Carter did some MX riding. We took the kids to the skateboard park. Hayley had a few sleepovers with friends and went swimming at basha pool. I tried to stay sane. the gym is my outlet but i'm spining my wheels trying to lose the last bit of weight from Parker. Oh yeah i went to an consult appt for something i'm really excited but scared about.
We went for a picnic and hike by the salt river. it was so beautiful. This was our first family hike and it was a lot of fun. We saw a few lizards and Jace found a tiny bat hanging upside down in a rock.
Today I finally did something that i wanted to do. i told myself i wasn't going to the gym today. i work out six days a week and my body really needs a break. soo i ended up staying in my pjs and scrapbooked. i am so behind but i'm determined to get caught up. i managed to do 6 12by 12 pages and plan on doing more tonight. well maybe not surviver is on in 10 minutes. while i was scrapbooking Parker came up to me with two bloody hands. I started shaking ( i hate blood seeing blood on my kids) washed his hand and found that the cut was only on one finger. at the crease of his right pointer finger. he cut it with the measuring tape. so i have a greasy head, pale blotchy face and in my pjs. Jace was home from school today sick so i had him watch parker and tried to look a little less white trash. Parker was a trooper. he was lucky that they were able to use glue instead of stitches to fix his finger.
Chandler has been busy with work so there is light at the end of the tunnel with the hard last year we have had. We are receiving so many blessings. pictures will be added soon.

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Lacy King said...

Dang, you said you did not do too much but it sounds like you had a busy two weeks. I wish I could get up to date with scrapbooking! I have only done the first year of Benson and Britton's life.... yeah I am not so good!