Wednesday, June 17, 2009

End of the School Year wrap up.

Well we survived another school year. School actually ended on June 3rd but as you can see i'm behind in my blogging life. Carter is a first grader now! It's wierd to think he could be in 2nd grade if I didn't have him start right when he turned five. He really didn't learn anything new but his self confidence is so much higher than when he started. He's still shy but not as much. He did such a good job in his star program. (graduation). I just love his smile!
Jace had his rain forest cafe. They have to make a life like animal and write a report on it. I got an A. Ha. He had the frilled lizard. He is so silly around his friends. He will be in 4th grade and hopefully get the teacher I requested for him.
Finally Hayley had to type out a ten page report on Hawaii. and make a brochure. She did such a great job. Everyone in her class had to pick a state and make a food that represents their state. It was a lot of fun and there was a lot of yummy food. Can you believe she will be in 6th grade! I have to add a picture of my underwear boy. And yes they are clean :).


Wendy said...

You have such cute kids! We'll miss you at the reunion. :(

spideysenses1998 said...

awww soo cute!