Thursday, July 16, 2009

Utah trip

Life is just busy and everyday just flies by. at least for me. I'm having a hard time getting motivated to do much of anything. I feel bad for my kids because I should be planning things with friends and having fun with them, since there is only one week til school starts. I feel like they are growing up too quickly and slipping through my fingers. I need to change that and really put time into my kids like i use to. I just have felt so unsettled ever since we decided to put our home up for sale in 2006. It was on the market forever and we haven't been completely unpacked since. I hope to make this house our home and hopefully when we move again it will be into our own house again and have it be our last move.
I am so excited to be close to the school where i can walk the kids to school and i will just have them come home on there own. it's going to save so much time not having to drive them. We went to our kinda old ward again. There are a few people in the ward before it was split into thirds after we moved out last summer. so it was nice to see some familiar faces, the kids are back with friends they go to school with.
These last fews years i have really become interverted and i hate feeling this way. I keep getting burned by people I really open up to (well twice) and it really makes me guarded now. I really am fun to be around and can be a great friend. But i'm so done with one sided friendships. I didn't realize I was going to have a therapy session. ha.. well i really meant to blog on our first vacation in two years. We needed and deserved it!
We went to Utah to celebrate the 4th of July with my family. It was such a busy time since we finally got moved into this house the 29th and left for utah early on the 2nd.
My sister misty and her family go the keys to their new home the day we arrived so we helped them move over the past couple of days. We drank lots of red bull and got a lot done. I wish I could of done more but my family was ready to have some fun. We went swimming at spanish for highschool pool. It's like a mini water park. My kids always have fun playing in water! My dad had a bbq at his house later that day. The food was great and i loved hangning out with everyone. We did fireworks and enjoyed the company.

We were going to stay at my dads that night but learned that carter was allergic to their cats. So we went and stayed at a hotel for a couple of nights. monday we took the kids to bridal veil falls. it was beautiful!

We also went on a boat ride with Grandpa. It was quite the adventure.
On tuesday we went up to midway. We went to kamas (they have an indoor water park) with Chandlers cousin Jason and his family. We also visited with Kristine and her kids. The kids had a lot of fun playing at their clubhouse. On wednesday we decided to hike up timpanogos and take the kids on the cave tour. It was a tough hike but all the kids made it, even Parker.
I can't believe he did the hike on his own and made it about half way down before wanting to be carried. I love times like these that make our family grow stronger. It was definetly something that drew us closer together>
The kids were amazed at the beauty of the crystals. and that we walked through a real vault line.. We later went to the Mcknights who let us stay the night with them.

They have a horse and we had fun riding it. Misty and I had a girls night. We went shopping and i helped her find some really cute new clothes. I love my little sister! I wish we lived closer. I love this pic of us, not sure why I look Asian? We all went to see Grandma Hacking. It is always good to see her. She is such a sweet heart. I hope to see her again next year. She just turned 94yrs old. I think she looks a lot younger.So that was our trip. I can't believe we did all of that! Thanks to everyone for letting us stay with you! It was an awesome trip!


Fillmore said...

I just posted some pics on our blog. Jumped to yours and saw some of the same places you visited. totally fun!

Wendy said...

Sounds like you had a great time. Jason and Candee are the best. I think they would have people there all the time if they could. Your grandma looks incredible for her age.

Lacy King said...

Glad you guys had so much fun! That stinks that Carter is allergic to cats.