Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Parker baby boo!

Okay so he is not a baby anymore.
But he will always be my little guy. I have never had a kid that wanted to grow up so much! Maybe it's because he is the youngest and wants to do everything his older brothers and sister do. Parker is having so much fun in preschool. He would go everyday if he could. (he goes 3 days) He is still a cuddeler and i love it! When I fix his hair he tells me he wants a mohawk! He knew his birthday was coming up and kept asking us how many more night times. When is was his birthday September 1st he kept jumping up and down and throwing his arms out saying it's my birthday it's my birthday! He really enjoyed his day. He got a new foot ball, sponge bob dominos and of course some new battery operated trains. He will get a new bike when it cools down. It is still to hot to ride outside so i didn't want to get him a bike and have it sit in the garage. It would be torture. He wanted a thomas the tank engine birthday cake. He didn't let us finish singing happy birthday before he blew out the candels. What can I say. I love this little guy!


Lacy King said...

Parker Poo! I still remember my birthday when he was 5 months old and he came out with all of his girls and I just LOVED holding him. I started calling him Parker Poo that night and I think from then on I just always did. He is such a sweet spirit! I CAN'T BELIEVE HE IS IN PRE SCHOOL!

Bonnie said...

Ah! How cute! I love his hair, such a stud you have!

ladybug143 said...

Too cute! He sure isn't a baby anymore, but I understand wanting to hang onto that forever. I told Victoria that even when she is 50 she will still be my baby. She wasn't too sure about that.