Sunday, August 16, 2009

Somethings gotta change

I'm so up and down these days. But I am having more ups than downs. Something that I'm very happy about is I feel like being creative again. If you know me this is huge for me. I love to make things anything you can be creative at. I just made some beautiful new necklaces to put on my business blog. I need to get some pics taken and also make a couple of new pairs of flips flops. Then some business cards and put some vinyl back on my car. At least I can cut out my own vinyl now since i have a cricut machine to do it. So i'm excited and I hope i can get business just using my blog. We will see i guess. That is why i'm only going to put a few things on there to see if I get any response.
I do miss exercising and have to wear my boot four more weeks. That makes me sooo sad. I miss going to the gym and have dreamed that I was taking step class. I just want to cycle really bad but i'm sure i will have to ease back into it. I have some physical therapy i'm going to have to do at home. My foot is so jacked up and feels very strange at times. My nerves are acting strange. House is getting more organized everyday. I just can't keep up with my kids right now and they know it. The boot has slowed me down and I just keep on them like i need to. So around my birthday i should be bootless! yeah!
I have got to get off soda again. My body is mush. For me excersing and eating right go hand in hand. So i've decided this is the perfect oppurtunity to get my healthy eating habits back and when i do get back to the gym i can start firming up again. So no more soda as of tomorrow. I've done it so many times so i know that i can do it.
I'm really not ready for the week. Jace's homework is killing me. and he has been having to correct some school work to. He is struggling right now in school and i know it's because of him having a horrible third grade year with a sub most of the year. He needs to stop comparing himself to others and hayley. She effortlessly gets good grades and he doesn't understand why it's harder for him. I feel bad for him. I told him to just try his best that's all he can do. and to let his teacher know if he doesn't understand. he's embarassed to ask her.
So life is getting better. slowly but it is. we have some stuff going on right now that could really bring us down. but we just stay positive and know it will all work out for the best. If you are close to me you know but i don't want to put it out there on my blog. It's a sad situation and i hope it will be over soon.
This week is busy but what week isn't. On top of everything else i have to call the dentist because instead of getting my butt off the ground and getting a staple remover i used my teeth and broke a little piece of tooth off my front tooth. It's really little but i need to get it fixed. I also get to go get my yearly check up. I have another lump in my left breast this time. I'm sure it's more fabroids (not sure if i spelled it right) but want to make sure.
wow i'm sure getting personal right now.
well here is to a good week and i hope i can stay organized, be a good mom, good wife and good to myself.


Bonnie said...

You know, Casey, your post made me sad. Just by the tone of your blog, I can tell that you are going through a lot, and I don't know you at all. I'm sorry that things are so rough right now. I know with out a doubt that you will see your way through it and times will get better.

It will help when you do start to use your creative mind again. Being productive is a natural mood enhancer. I hate cleaning, but when I'm done I feel great. (you'd think my house would be cleaner)

I'm glad that you are off soda. I do the same thing. I am currently in a 'no soda' phase, I even gave up my Red Bull... which was hard. But, after the first foggy headache-ridden days... I'm down from my caffeine high and feeling great. I don't know why I always go back, it burns my throat every time.

Also, I had lumps in my breast at one time and the doctor said it was from all the sodas I used to drink. When I cut them out of my diet, they all went away. Hopefully, that is the case for you.

I can't believe that you chipped your tooth getting a staple out! That must have hurt! Be good to your teeth, they don't grow back :-)

Lacy King said...

YIKES SISTER! I think there is a lot going on. Just remember to breathe every once in a while. Tell Jace that his Aunt Lacy was the same way in school! I struggled so hard and I compared myself to Buffy a lot because she was effortless too. Tell him to just focus on what he is good in and he will soon start seeing differences. He can even call me for some one on one Auntie goodness!

S. Fillmore said...

Casey, just thought I'd say hi. What are you doing this week while kids are out of school? Do you want to hit a class at the gym?-Stephanie