Saturday, October 24, 2009

what i've been up to!

What I need to blog about:
Football! Jace has been playing awesome and it's been so much fun watching him.
My new love... RPM which is a cycling class at the gym. My legs are looking sooo good!
Trip to California.. Disneyland, Newport and getting lost in down town LA. and me throwing up a little in the car.
Doing a lot of self reflecting and trying to figure some stuff out.
I love Chandler!
I love my sisters. They live to far away!
Spent time with my dad last night. yummy food and a movie. Chandler is at an over night scout campout and the kids were at a Halloween sleepover at granma's and papa's.
Hayley performed at the state fair and did awesome!
Kind of finally getting setteling in.
Love friends.
Thats it for now. :)


Lacy King said...

Straight and to the point! Thanks for the update.

caseyann said...

It was to help me remember because I forget easily. I need to get caught up soooo bad!