Monday, November 23, 2009

Hmm can I even catch up!

Lets start with Disneyland. Have you ever gone on a vacation and realized you spent way tooo much money and it probably wasn't the smartest thing to do. To come home with an almost empty bank account. Bills? we have to pay them?? jk.. yeah that was us. Not too smart but we did have a lot of fun!! I couldn't eat enough cotton candy! I made myself sick going from eating healthy to fast food for every meal and drinking enough coke to swim in it.. Here are some of my favorite pics.
At Disneyland our family was able to go on most of the rides together. Parker even went on space mountain. Poor boy. During the ride I felt so bad for him. Afterwards he cried. The other kiddos loved it of course. The kids loved the tea cups. One time was enough for me but they went on and on again.

I can't figure out why my blog isn't uploading the pics like it use to. I need some serious help!! This is why I haven't blogged in forever. i guess I will have to blog without pics and add them later because life is passing me by and my memory is horrible!

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