Friday, January 1, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Can't believe Christmas has come and gone so fast! We were super excited about the kids opening their gifts this year. Hayley wanted Vans and a prepaid credit card.
Jace a Fitzgerald Cardinal Jersey. Carter wanted legos and guitar hero game for his nintendo ds. He is so easy to please. Parker is happy with anything. He did get one thomas train but his favorite was his big wheels from Santa.
I really did a bad job at taking pics. Parker dropped my camera on the lens and broke it. So we have been using Chandlers which is ancient. I can tell I'm not taking as many pics which isn't a good thing. I'm so proud of myself for not stressing out this Christmas day. Well I did a little. It was my turn for the Pearce family Christmas dinner. I think it went well. We decided to have Mexican food instead of the usual ham and cheesy potatoes. Everything was soo yummy. Should of took a picture! We hung out and played games. I'm really glad it's over though and I'm ready for the new year.
I sure do love my family and I'm so thankful for a wonderful husband and how hard he works for our family. I really am excited for 2010!

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Lesli said...

Hi Casey! I'm guessing that Hailey spent her credit card already? :-) Looks like you guys had a great Christmas! (You should have asked Santa for a camera!)