Friday, March 19, 2010

the day that never ends....

Today has been one of the longest days ever..... Have been going none stop since I woke up this morning. I went to the gym today. Stretched out in the sauna then 30min on the eliptical. I just kept staring at the cycle door. A class was going on and I miss it. It is the best feeling ever when you complete that class. It's hardcore and I haven't had such a feeling of accomplishment as far as an excercise class goes. I'm jealous when I see everyone walk out sweating like crazy, smiling and talking. I will try it soon. My muffin top went away finally with that class and my muffin top is back! And that is not a good thing.
Emotional day for me. I really need to figure somethings out. I really need to read my scriptures and some uplifting books on self esteem. I really lack it even though maybe I put up a front that I have it all together to most people that know me. Wish I did but I don't.
I should send my mom a card.Even though we haven't talked in a lonnggg time I can tell her hi and that I do love and miss her.
Today was the first day of back to back soccer/football practice and I'm exhausted. I let Hayley go to the movies with a friend alone today. The first time I have ever done this. Then they did a little shopping. She had fun. I took the boys to lunch. It was fun. They were really good. Went home cleaned up my living room, dining room and kitchen and washed a load of laundry. Got the boys ready for practice. Picked Hayley and her friend up and went to soccer practice. Parker did really good. The parents helped out a lot today which I really enjoyed doing. We kicked the ball back and forth and he practiced kickind and stopping the ball. They also practiced making goals. I'm really enjoying my baby boy. If I had younger kids right now I wouldn't be able to spend this time with him. I would be chasing a 2 year old around. They straight to Jace's practice. It took me 25 min to get there. I'm going to try a different route tomorrow. Jace's coaches really like him. They are excited about how fast he can run and how he catches everything! He is also really good at throwing the ball. Even though it's really busy for me, trying to juggle a lot of things at a time. I'm glad we are out of the house. I will have to start packing a dinner or we will be eating out every night. and I don't want to do that. Maybe a lot of subway. Please Heavenly Father, give me the energy I need to take care of my family. I need it!

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Bonnie said...

You seriously have the cutest family. You sound like you are going hundred mph in a hundred different directions... but it sounds like such a wonderful life.