Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Party

Our ward Christmas party was chaos. We got there thirty minutes late because my brother dropped in from out of town. It was good seeing him and i wish we could of visited longer but we both had places to get to. Anyways. I guess they didn't plan for so many of us to show up. When we arrived they were putting up more tables and chairs. I can't believe we were all able to fit. There wasn't enough food. We had servers so we got the littlest portion of food to make it go further. nag nag nag. But when the children came out and the story of the birth or our savior was read it calmed everyone down. Jace was asked to be Joseph. He did a great job. Hayley and Carter were shepards. It turned out to be a very good night.

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Lacy Breck said...

Wow this just made me have flashbacks of a Pearce Christmas party we did when we were younger. Good thing I can relive it through your kids. How cute that they got to have a part in it!