Friday, December 14, 2007

Ten days til Christmas!

I usually send out Christmas cards on the 1st but I have been dragging my feet on getting them finished. No Christmas letter this year. Just a card and a picture. The card has glitter on the front and it reads Let it snow! I did have to put my own personal touch and embellish the i with a crystal. looks good. I took a few pics of the kids at the Christmas tree lot a few weeks ago and not one turned out the way i would of liked. So tonight i went through all of my pics and found one of all of the kids on our bed watching t.v. They were just laying there and being good. I made it black and white and i really like it. They look like a bunch of rug rats but it's cute. I will mail them out tomorrow night. Jace has a race tomorrow. and the track is finally open. we were only open one day out of two weeks because of all the rain. we need the rain but i'm sooo glad it's drying up and the blue skies are back. I still have shopping to do which i will do on monday. Complaint of the week( i feel like i complain tooo much) Jace has to do a project and it's due on tuesday. we haven't started it yet. why do they have 2nd graders do oral reports with visual aides? I still need to do the food list sign up for Carter's class for his holiday party. blah blah blah. i did sell four pairs on flip flops at the boutique and got a nice check yesterday. I tried earlier this year to start an online store to sell my flip flops but it was way to difficult for me. so i bagged the idea. well i decided yesterday that i really need to get an online store. i have so many people ask me if a sell them online. so i really think this is the only way i'm going to get my business really going. i will sell my jewelry on it too with some blingy shirts too. Slogan is: Casey's Creations Swarovski Embellished Flip Flops, Jewelry & more. I tried starting a store up again today and failed again so i'm just going to have to pay someone to do it for me.. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions for me i'll gladly listen. Off to finish my cards so all i have to do is slip in the pics.


Lacy Breck said...

I am all about cute rug rats! OH YES! We know as mothers how to cheerish those times and make the most of them, so turning it into a christmas cards is BRILLIANT in my book! YEAH CHRISTMAS IS ALMOST HERE! I love it!

Janel said...

Well after getting so many people's cute cards (yours included) I just can't not send ANY so I'm at least doing out of town people.

Hey did you even get any of the Christmas goody treat I sent home with Chandler for you guys?? I think he might have eaten it all himself! LOL

We finished class parties today...HALLELUJA!

mamanicky said...

Your card was so cute! I can't believe how big everyone is getting. You definitely have the dominant genes.