Tuesday, December 11, 2007


My sweet Parker. I love this picture of Parker and I. He is such a sweetie. He plays with his trains all day long. He lines them up in a row and then he drives them to another part on the rug and does it all over again. He is so ready to be potty trained. I just need to find a day where i don't have any appointments or obligations. This is a pic of him with his first poop in the potty. He is so proud of himself and he knows he did a good job. He has gone pee once and poop once. i just need to do it. He is only 27 months but his doctor told me to do it now a couple of weeks ago. Sorry if this post grosses you out. I hate that he is growing up so fast. He is talking a lot too. I think we need to stop calling him Parker Baby Boo.


Lacy Breck said...

I personally like to call him Parker Poo, and now the name fits with this Poo he is taking in the little potty! OH HOW CUTE! I am so excited we have him for christmas, we may just add to that train collection!

caseyann said...

I took the picture of parker on his potty off. i noticed today that you could see his ***. Great mom.