Wednesday, July 29, 2009

hope it goes well...

Well i'm just waiting around to go to the foot dr. this morning. I hope it is good news and that my foot isn't worse than the urgent care dr thought. I'm just sick of limping around, hurting, not keeping up on my house, and most of working out at the gym. I miss it so bad. It makes me feel so good and its a great way to start my day. I hope to be there soon. In cycling class sweating my butt off. I'm eating so my junk and drinking so much soda. I'm bloated and feeling yuck. It doesn't help that we are dealing with some family issues and attorneys right now. I hate it.
I have the cutest idea how to paint/decorate hayleys bathroom and i can't wait to do it. I need to paint all the kids rooms and bathrooms. I have the paint just need to feel good enough to do. I was going to paint my bedroom but the color doesn't clash too bad with my bedding so it will be last on the list if i even do it. Just trying to get the main areas downstairs organized and decorated.
Carter got in trouble yesterday and had to go talk to Mr. Merrill (the principal). He actually really likes Carter and tells me how he is such a great kid. I'm sure he was shocked to see Carter in trouble. He didn't want to stop talking and wouldn't listen to his teacher. He ran out of the class and hid somewhere. GREAT! what a great way to start the new year. Luckily he has a sweet and understanding teacher. Hope today goes better. I did bribe him with extra wintergreen gum his favorite if he is good at school.

I want to try to blog about more of the day to day things not just important events or fun things we do. I'm excited to be back in the area, close to the school and friends. The kids are loving it. It is nice to see familiar faces at church too. Even though the ward has split into thirds since we moved there are people we know. I'm not happy that i got called to cub scouts again. That is the one calling i was praying that i wouldn't get. I want to cry when he asked me. But i'm going to give it a try. It's being the bear assistant so at least it isn't the leader this time. And jace is a bear so he is very excited.


McKnights said...

Oh sorry! Maybe you will be more excited about it since you get to be with your boy. Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

Hey, please read this!!!