Sunday, August 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Carter!!

Carter turned 7 yrs old on August 6th. I can't believe he is seven and i'm sadden to think how time is flying by with him. He is such a sweetheart. He was the best baby, toddler, and little boy. He is going through a rough spot right now with his behavior but we have has some really good days lately. He is really into music and will be taking guitar lessons when we can afford to do it. He really needs his own thing and that is what he wants to do. You should see him rock out on guitar hero. He is the best in our family, he can play on expert. He is Parkers buddy and he really misses him when he is at school. I scored on his bday gift. I found a brand new rock band for him for 85 dollars on ebay. That is what he wanted so i'm glad i found it for half price and free shipping. We celebrated at grandma connies house. Make a wish!
This year i've started to alternate bday partys. Next year he will be 8 so he will have a big party. He is enjoying 1st grade and likes his friends. He is growing more independent everyday. I love Carters smile. It is the best!

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Lacy King said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARTER!! I can not believe how old everyone is getting. AHHHH! Make them stop!