Friday, January 11, 2008

Award night at the ET motopark banquet

Jace got third place in the 65 beginners division. There are two two part series and each series is six months. Five months ago he had to move up from the 50's peewee division because he got first place two times in a row and smoked everyone. So he had to move up. The first race in this last series he got lapped by the guy in first place. Then the next race he was like 6th and has improved very quickly. He did win first place one moto and 2nd the other. He is now jumping 80 foot jumps and does some freestyle tricks like no footers and tail whips. When he is in mid air i always hold my breath until he lands safely. About two weeks ago his dirt bike died in mid air. He landed and went over his front wheel and hit his head against the ground. It's true what they say about helmets. We had to replace the visor since it was broken but it save jace's head. He also had pains breathing for a day. Oh what fun. It happened right before i went out there so i am glad that i didn't see it. Anyways, part one of the first series was on the 5th and jace got 2nd place. I'm sooooo excited for supercross. Chandler, Jace, Hayley and I are going. My sweet friend Holly is watching Carter and Parker. We received the official packet today and i got so excited for him while reading it. It is going to be a crazy end of the month because it is also hayleys 10th birthday. We are getting her an awesome gift which i can't say what it is because she likes to read the blog. kids are back in school. I was able to make myself some new jewelry this week. I made hayley a cute necklace. It's a silver "dog tag" i blinged it with swarovski crystals . I did the H in black with tiny purple crystal around the tag. She wore it today to school and now all of her friend have requested one for their birthdays. Let me know if anyone wants one.

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Janel said...

Oh my goodness that picture of Parker in the snow is just precious!! It looks like so much fun but COLD!! Mark would have gone berserko in the traffic.

Congrats Jace on the Motocross, that will be so super fun!!