Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Freezing in Flagstaff & some awesome news!

We decided to take the kids to play in the snow on monday. I've been dreading this trip because we freeze and we always end up getting stuck. Of course both happened. We left our house at 9:30am for our quick trip to flagstaff. It normally takes 2 1/2 hrs to 3 hrs to drive but it took us five. We didn't get there till 2:30pm. We were at a dead stop up in the mountains due to some 18 wheelers jack knifing. And a few cars sliding and getting stuck. Our kids did really well and were very patient just sitting there. We decided to let them out of the car to play but the cars started to move. We found a really cool place to sled online so we followed the map past snowbowl only to get to a gate that was closed. Someone told us there was another hill for sledding a few more miles up. We found it and attempted to pull in so we didn't have to walk forever with the kids and all of our stuff. But we got stuck. Really stuck! Some men came over and helped us but we weren't budging. Then another vehicle pulled in and pushed us about forty feet back to the main road. He then said he was going to drop off his wife and kid to play and he would be right back. But he didn't come back and we had about another 40 feet to go. We just sat there and waited. We let jace and hayley out to go sledding. Finally a truck came by with a tow package and after a lot of pushing and pulling we finally got out. We went down by the college and found some small hills (about 4pm). We ended up having a great time. I don't know which of kids had the most fun. Even parker played in the snow and loved going down the sled. It was only 21 degrees!! We finally hit our freezing limit and headed back to our beautiful 60 degree weather. We got home at 8:30pm. We had a very fun and exhausting day.
The kids went back to school today. Yeah, because our schedule was sooo off. 7am came too fast this morning but the kids didn't have a problem getting ready. I can't believe half of the school year is over. I hate that time is going soo fast.
The awesome news is.... Jace randomly got picked for the supercross ktm challenge. He will be racing against 11 other kids during the supercross halftime. It is a once and a lifetime opportunity. It will be in Anaheim, California on Saturday, Feb 2nd. If anyone knows about how huge supercross is, this is a huge thing for Jace. We are so excited for him to experience this.


mamanicky said...

Cool story! Congrats with Jace, Is he so excited? You guys must be proud of him!

Mark and Leslie said...

Fun trip minus the getting stuck part! We need to go to the snow. Hooray for Jace, thats exciting!!

laurie said...

Sounds like an awesome day trip! I'm glad ya'll were able to sled a little bit! Way to go Jace!!!