Tuesday, August 7, 2007

We bounced and bounced til we couldn't bounce no more!!!

Carter is five!! We had such a fun day. I took treats to his class and we celebrated his birthday. We had his party at a place called Bounce U.. It has a huge slide and lots of blown up stuff for the kids to climb on, bounce and slide down. Carter had so much fun playing with his cousins and friends. Carter is usually shy but he was running around and being crazy. It was so fun for me to see him like this. It was his specail day and he really enjoyed all of the attention. Now time to think about my baby turning two in three weeks. bah!


Janel said...

The boys had a lot of fun!! Looks like Carter had a great time!!!

Those pics of Jace ARE crazy!!!! I would be dying too! He's gonna have a sponsor before you know it! Hee hee

Mark and Leslie said...

the party was a blast. Tbanks for inviting us!I cant believe the air Jace gets on those jumps! wow!I told Mark he isnt allowed to mess with my blog anymore because everyone thinks he does sell hot dogs, not that theres anything wrong with that!!!