Thursday, August 2, 2007

yeah i feel soooo good!!!

Yes! I finally did it. I got my booty to the gym. I only did cardio but i did burn 550 calories, I was finshed by 9:15am. I'm so proud of myself. I finally got all the kids ready at 7 and dropped hayley and jace at school at 8. It really is hard and is an accomplishment for me. I use to do it everyday but i got lazy this summer and i just need to get into the routine again. my friend holly is working out with me tomorrow so it will be a good workout. I ate really good today. only one coke before scouts. ha! stress.. i didn't eat enough though so i will have to make sure i eat more tomorrow.
Scouts went good. I think it's having my kids home while i do scouts that drives me crazy!!! Oh well there is nothing i can do about that.
I just got done making some very beautiful necklaces with swarovski crystals. i made one for my moms birthday which was yesterday. Then of course i made hayley one and myself two. I haven't made jewelery this year so it was fun.
i have nothing going on tomorrow!! finally. i just need to put clothes away and clean the boys bathroom. i should go to the orientation for parents at the school which is thursday night but chandler won't be here and i hate paying for a sitter on stuff like that. only half the parents go anyways. they will send home the handouts with the students too..
well i'm going to try to get some sleep.


Janel said...

My neighbor said she saw you at the gym, I was like "yeah, good girl!"

I remember doing scouts with my own kids running all over at the same time, it is really hard. Do you have a helper?? Mabye one of the YW from your ward could come over to help with your kids during scouts and use it for service hours.

mamanicky said...

You go girly!! That feels so good to get a tough goal done. I'm going to do the 8am workout when school starts too, it can be hard to get there, but then you're done before the morning is over. Janel had a good idea for getting a YW helper.