Tuesday, August 21, 2007


My Swarovski Crystal Havaianas are now being sold at the Velvet Boutique. It's a very high end store with lots of blingy stuff. A friend went there a couple of weeks ago and noticed that didn't have any blingy flip flops so she told the owner about me and they said for me to bring my shoes in. So last wednesday i did. Since then i have sold four pairs!!!! They are on consignment for now until next month. So i get paid when they sale. I took a high wedge and a flat pair in yesterday and they sold today. Cha Ching!!!!!!! In september she wants to start buying them from me when i bring them in instead of consignment. About six to eight pairs at a time. So i told holly i owe her lunch and a pedicure. She openend the door for me. They also asked if i want to start selling them at other boutiques if i would let them know before hand because they would want the chance to keep me exclusively there. Now that i'm all excited about this and all i hope i'm not jinxing myself. fingerscrossed that it keeps going well and that i can bring my own spending money to new york!!


Lacy Breck said...

Oh my GOODNESS! Casey that is AWESOME! I love that you are a Business woman now. Boo-Yah! Feel free to come over whenever Hayley has dance! Love you

Mark and Leslie said...

That is so exciting! Way to go! Hope you make mucho money!

Janel said...

Casey that is so cool!!! Hey this is how those awesome SAHM million dollar businesses get started.....just like that!!! :D